14 comments on “Sitara Devi (and Nimmi and Kumkum) in Anjali (1957)

  1. And her body is so atheletic. I like the accompanying music too–not the usual snake charmers tune.

  2. Yes. her body is quite athletic in these films. I don’t know if that’s absolutely necessary for good Indian dancing (it seems the ballet culture of the west makes much greater demands in that area – though maybe more in the direction of anorexic than just athletic), and my “male gaze” tends to be more drawn to the Padmini kind of figure. But I’m sure it didn’t hurt for her to be in such good shape either. (I would guess that Sitara was in her late 30s when this particular film was made – but she probably had greater stamina than her younger co-stars.)

    The music is great; that’s by Jaidev. Anjali apparently was one of the “big breaks” that he got earlier in his music directing career. By the way, everything I see indicates that this film is Chetan Anand’s Anjali, not a film called Arpan, so I’m puzzled at why the YouTube poster keeps saying Arpan. (It would be good if someone out there might be able to help solve this mystery. :)

  3. To add to the general consensus- Wow!

    I liked Sitara Devi’s unusual anklets very much…that snale design on the blouse looked weird though, like a (bad) after thought.
    I think you need to be in real good shape- although it can be curvier- to be a professional Indian dancer too. Saw Sonal Mansingh live when she was not that young anymore, and with the hour and half that a performance lasts: I don’t think you can have much extra left in your body after that!

  4. But that is the thing Bawa.Most dancers do have extra. Just look at Hema Malini who has been dancing all along and Vyjayantimala too. Most middle class South Indian brahmin girls
    learn classical dance. I am from that community and have seen these gals and their girth. And since they attribute their figures to their dance, one can only imagine what they would look like if they didn’t.

  5. Richard,
    Have a look at this. The title track of the film .”Arpan/Anjali”.

    The title shows Arpan! Yet Chetan Anand’s entire filmography available says Anjali, including himself.

    Hope someone comes around with an explanation..

  6. Hi Richard,

    Just found this..

    The title shows Arpan! But the entire filmography available now on the digital realms, including the Director’s letter in 1960, refer to the film as Anjali.

    Hope someone comes around ato clear this up.

  7. Ebenezer, it is a bit confusing, because, as you pointed out, all sources everywhere refer to this movie as Anjali. I guess it’s not that unusual for an Indian film to come out with two different titles, but isn’t that usually because it’s come out in two different languages?

    I Googled the names together and did see a couple of listings that said “Anjali (Arpan)” just like that (though for all we know, they could be taking their cues from us).

    Meanwhile, hmm, it looks as though you have two names too! :) Will we be seeing more at that Malayalam cinema blog? And are you connected to the YouTube channel too?

    BTW, as you can see, I let both versions of your message go through. Maybe you didn’t see the “cinematters” one at first because it was a new name, waiting for my approval… Now I’m wondering if I should delete one…

  8. LOL..the two Avatars were a result of boredom.And Yes, am just setting it up, and will start posting by today. Have a whole load to unload from my attic:)..There is a profile page that I hv at Youtube, but think of enriching it from now on, for OMC.It is a stop gap arrangement till hv the time to build a suitable design for a full site.

    PS.You could delete the cinematters one:)

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