3 comments on “Two V. Shantaram Torch Dances, 31 Years Apart

  1. I was equally impressed by the shejari song, when I first saw it.
    though I know marathi, I had big trouble understanding the lyrics due to the way of singing at that time. The only thing I understood was ‘jyoti ya ya!”
    It was quite a regular on Bombay DD in the early 80s. And whenever they mentioned the movie in discussions, they never got tired of mentioning that the hindu character was played by a muslim and vice versa.

  2. disala ga bai disala is in memory for quite different reasons.
    There is this line “mala bhagun galat hasla” (he smiled cheekily at seeing me). my brother used to sing it as a “mala galat bhagun halsa” (he smiled at me seeing me in his cheeks)!

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