9 comments on “Lata before Anil Biswas encouraged her to pursue her own style and stop imitating someone else

  1. I have always loved this song. Although she is singing in the 40s style, sometimes the unique sweetness of her voice shows through, plus the fact it is such a young voice!!!

  2. Bawa, I agree that it is a nice song, but I was not aware of it until the past couple of days. I’ve added some text that shows why I selected and posted it. It’s true that the unique sweetness of her voice shows through, and besides, I am perfectly happy to hear Lata paying such a nice tribute to Noor Jehan. :) Plus, I have gotten on an Anil Biswas kick this week (inspired by my recent viewing of Tarana combined with Dustedoff’s post on Kismet and some off-blog discussion about the Padmini dances in Pardesi… Now I’m contemplating a favorites list for his death annivesary at the end of the month)…

  3. She sound sin the beginning very much like herself. You know with a thin voice and such, but in the latter phrases come the heavier parts.

  4. Hi, Harvey. I guess she sounds more like the Lata we know in the beginning, but I would also agree that there’s a distinct Noor Jehan influence throughout. It does become heavier a little after the one-minute point.

  5. I had a cousin who loved only the early Lata. He dismissed all her later songs (post Kahin Deep Jale Kahin Dil) saying her voice was ruined by some throat operation she had to undergo.

  6. That’s interesting… Most of my favorite Lata is from the ’50s too, and I think she did her greatest singing in Mahal, in 1949 (when she discovered her real singing idenity, I guess). I think a lot of people would agree, but I haven’t heard of people dismissing her work from the early ’60s on. She’s fine in Pakeezah, for instance, and quite a few later movies. Though like other people, too, I’m not crazy about hearing her singing for young woman characters in films of the ’90s or 2000s. :)

  7. I like her voice up to the end of the 70s. Later on, I see to detect a certain “unclearness”, very different from the earlier crystal clarity. All voices develop with age, and I like the changes that she goes through from the 40s to 70s. Gets better and better with some very complicated songs.

    In 80s, there are some very lovely interpretations, but generally the music/lyrics ares so bad that it could hardly have beeen done better. Yes, her voice sounds old for the younger heroines later on.

    But even at her worst, her singing technique is so much finer than many of the newer singers on the scene.

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