5 comments on “Terrific Posts on Tamil Cinema at Minai’s Cinema Nritya Gharana

  1. Thanks for the reminder Richard. I just briefly scanned the more recent posts she’s added since her original a few weeks back. I have to go spend some more time there. It’s like an Encyclopedia blog. :)

  2. Well thank you for the honor of featuring me on your blog! I know that you are much greater the expert in the southern classics than I am, so it means a lot! :D Galatta Cinema and Randor Guy did a great job with the series. Next step is to convince SouthScope to do a similar feature on classic Telugu films and stars! :)

  3. To all, you’re quite welcome. :)

    Sita-ji, that’s a good point – it is like an encyclopedia blog right now!

    Minai, thank you for calling that little recommendation on my obscure blog an honor. :) And thanks for the other nice words too, but I wouldn’t call myself an expert in southern classics. I’ve watched Tamil films with Sivaji and Padmini and a few other favorite dancers and some favorite music… I haven’t known all that much in terms of the history and the big picture, and the articles that you posted have filled in quite a few gaps for me.

    As for Telugu cinema, that’s definitely an area where I could use some more education. :)

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