8 comments on “[Back to] Albela (1951)

  1. The songs are amazing, aren’t they? C. Ramchandra- 1951- so innovative for his time!

  2. Welcome to Geeta Bali ffan club! :-)
    I just love the music of the movie. The movie is still a big fav with my mom!

  3. I really must get around to seeing Albela sometime. It’s still sitting on my desk, waiting its turn… and what with the double attraction of Geeta Bali and C Ramchandra’s songs – yep, this needs to be nudged up to the top of the pile!

  4. It’s good to know that everyone is as amazed by C. Ramchandra as I am!

    Bawa, yes, he was so innovative!

    Dustedoff, I am happy to hear that this movie is being nudged to the top of that pile now.

    Harvey, thank you for welcoming me to the Geeta Bali fan club. Yes, I appreciate Geeta Bali more now, certainly. Though I do remain a bigger fan of some of the other actress-dancers who’ve danced to the beats of C. Ramchandra… ;)

  5. Just because you are a member of Geeta Bali fan club, doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to appreciate other actress-dancers! You are even supported in that matter! ;-)

  6. The movie released a decade before I was born, and the songs still get my feet tapping.

    I have a soft spot for shola jo bhadke and mehfil me meri kaun ye

  7. In April 2011: There is no Part 19, of the DVD at Mediafire.
    I don’t know the effect that would have on burning/playing.

    P.S Only recently found this site whilst searching for Geeta Bali.
    Look forward to reading a lot more. Thank you.

  8. Thanks for letting us know, Mark. This isn’t the first time MediaFire’s lost files. I’ll replace it when I get time.

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