13 comments on “…And Happy Birthday, Suraiya!

  1. Lovely songs, Richard! My favourite Suraiya song is also from Mirza Ghalib: Aah ko chaahiye ik umr asar hone tak (though I’m also pretty partial to Nuktacheen hai, gham-e-dil…) Happy birthday, Suraiya!

  2. Thanks for those good songs, Harvey and Dustedoff. Harvey, Nimmi looks very nice in that one too, and you’re right, we haven’t often gotten to see Suraiya doing playback singing. And Dustedoff, that song is great, so I could easily see that being a favorite from the movie.

    It would be difficult for me to name my favorite Suraiya song of all. I think it would have to be from one of the Naushad soundtracks. But obviously, his one-time assistant and collaborator Ghulam Mohammed wrote a lot of good Suraiya music too.

  3. So many lovely songs from Suraiya: and what a unique voice!
    agree with harvey and dustedoff’s choices too.

    I would add these two lesser known songs as well, very nice. Audio only though

    and this rare duet with a very young lata and suraiya

  4. Thanks, Bawa, those all are certainly nice too!

    That first one is an early one… I guess she had to stand on a stool to sing it into the mike, as the legends say… :)

    The Roshan is a little different, because it’s Roshan. I like that one a lot.

    The duet with Lata from Balam is fun. I found the other duet from that movie, which I think might be even more fun:

  5. Who is the other lady in Balam, who is getting playback from Lata? She looks so familiar!
    an age old discussion (at tleast in the films and stories) about what real true love is. Have never heard any body in true life take up Lata’s position in this song.

  6. Harvey: can’t place her either.
    As to her position on love, although I have never “heard” anyone take that position, I have seen plenty who have put it into action!!!!

  7. Sorry, I don’t have an answer for Harvey’s question either. But in response to Dustedoff, Tom wanted to send his clip of your favorite Suraiya song, but he wanted me to post it, because he thought I might figure out how to make sure that the clip is embedded in the comments. Unfortunately, with Dailymotion clips, I’m not able to embed them in comments either (and WordPress.com doesn’t even convert the links randomly, the way it does with YouTube) . So, here is the link instead:

  8. Last night (or was it today morning) I remembered her (the other lady from Baalam) as the ‘Mere Piya gaye Rangoon’ Lady!
    In the IMDB cast list following ladies are listed: Shyama, Purnima, Cuckoo and Mohana. Therefore she must be most probably Mohana. But one can’t really rely compeltely on imdb. It is also naturally quite possible that she is Shyama and different from Shyama of Aar-Paar. On you tube one can watch her sing at least 4 songs in Patanga! The other heroine is Purnima.
    I remember you posting the song ‘Pyar ke jahan ki nirali sarkar hai’. I think the second dancer in that song is Mohana!

  9. Belated Happy Birthday Madam Suraiya!
    Surprisingly, I have ALL the films from which you have posted songs from: Dillagi, Dard, Dastan, Singar, Mirza Ghalib and Anmol Ghadi as Iam also a great fan of Suraiya. There was also a program in the Radio on her birthday where they kept some of her songs(which they actually keep repeating). The favourite Suraiya song of the Radio is Man Leta Hai Angdai from Anmol Ghadi. Have you listened to her songs from the 1952 film Goonj? I like her songs in that film a lot. They are availbale on Youtube. By the way, isn’t Dastan easily available in USA? I saw it being common in websites.

  10. Though I like Suraiya (obviously), I don’t have nearly as much of a drive to find/buy her films as Noor Jehan’s. Ironically, Suraiya’s films have also been much more available, but I’ve passed up a few at one time or another while in the store because I had limited money in my pocket and something else was always beckoning. (Just about all of the films that we’re talking about have been on the shelves at one time or another – though, actually, I’m not so sure about Dastan (if I saw that, it was quite a while ago).) And I guess I have been pretty happy just to see the clips and to listen to the soundtracks…

    I’ve got the soundtracks to Dard and Dillagi in MP3, and as I’ve said, I listen to them pretty often. The only film DVDs that I have in my personal collection which include Suraiya are Anmol Ghadi and Shair (which I found in the bargain bin :) ) . Shair is more of an early Dev Anand vehicle, but Suraiya was pretty good in it, especially when she was singing.

    I haven’t seen or heard anything from Goonj; I’ll have to check that one out soon…

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