8 comments on “The Only Star in Bollywood History Whose Voice Could Calm Down a Rampaging Elephant

  1. Thank you, Harvey. I feel exactly the same way. It’s good to hear from someone else who is captivated by his voice but just can’t explain why. :)

  2. I have listened to Saigal, Khursheed and also seen the film. What voices! Don’t you thinks she sounds somewhat similar to Uma Devi and Suraiya? And Tansen was made in 1943, not 1942.

  3. His voice is rich, flexible, and very melodious. That’s what captivates me. In his songs it’s his voice that dominates and the instruments play second fiddle.

    My first comment here. Followed dustedoff’s link to Albela and Minoo Mumtaz links for the DVds.
    I’m fascinated with the collection of dances…another thing that completely captivates me.

  4. Pacifist, I’ve seen you commenting at Dustedoff’s and Memsaab’s (you have a name that’s easy enough to remember :) )… So, welcome to this blog too! And thanks for the good description of Saigal’s voice.

    Now. looking at your comment, I’m not completely clear, but are you saying that you are captivated by the collection of dances here? If so, thank you! (Or maybe you’re referring to Tom’s Minoo Mumtaz DVD? I would agree with you there too. :) )

    Vidur, thanks for the correction about the date of Tansen (I was simply following the date mentioned at the YouTube posts). And of course I agree with the “what voices!” comment :) … Does Khurshid sound a little like Uma Devi and Suraiya? Hmm, from a quick sampling right now, I am thinking maybe a little closer to Uma Devi, but not too much so, of course.

  5. Richard I was talking about the dance clips that you have put up here on your blog. :-)

  6. You are right, Khursheed’s voice is more like Uma Devi than Suraiya, because Suraiya’s voice is not as weighty, I think. But of course, Khursheed is Khursheed and her voice is an authentic one. The film is available in Nupur Video, and before seeing the film, I listen to Khursheed’s songs in Rana Pratap(1946). I still remember the song Pagle man.

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