15 comments on “I Would Also Love to See Dost (1944), Starring Noor Jehan and Motilal

  1. Its a beautiful song. And wishing that you would no longer need Noor’s voice magic to smooth out days; just be able to listen for the pleasure of it.

  2. Iam also on the lookout for Dost, but can’t find it anywhere:(. Please keep trying to find it(and so will I) and let me know if you do. Do you think I would get it at the National Film Institute(as I live in India)?

    Of course, the songs are out of the world. Please put the other songs also if you could:
    1. Alam par alam, sitam par sitam
    2. Koi prem ka deke sandesa, haye loot gaya
    3. Ab kaun hai mera
    4. More sajna, more sajna aake daras dikha
    All are available in Youtube. Also, please mention – it was Sajjad’s first film as music director.

  3. Now, that’s a request I am more than happy to take. :) I will put the other songs up, with more info, this weekend.

    Re. getting this film at the National Film Institute, you probably know more about that than I do. Of course I will keep trying to find it also.

  4. Richard,

    I have read somewhere that the print of the film doesn’t exist anymore, not even at the National Film Institute of Pune, India (I have this faint hope that someone has the print of this film). 2 more films of Noor Jehan whose prints doesn’t exist are Naukar (1943) and Duhai (1943). Duhai was her first film in Bombay, and she sang 2 songs in this film. The 78 rpm records for those songs weren’t released and only way to get them is through film print. And uptil now no one is successful in getting the print of Duhai.. Maybe you already know all this.. just had to share.

    In Dost, Noor Jehan husband also acted.. and that too as Noor Jehan’s brother!!

  5. Do you know if a print of any of these films is available, as I’ve come across none of them(All star Madam Noor Jehan).
    1. Gul-e-Bakawali – 1939, Punjabi, it has 12-yr. old Baby Noor Jehan!
    2. Yamla Jatt – 1940, Punjabi
    3. Chowdhri – 1941, Punjabi
    4. Nadan – 1943
    5. Zeenat – 1945, Madam Noor Jehan got the Best Actress Award for it.
    6. Badi Maa – 1945, it was the Hindi debut film of Baby Lata Mangeshkar
    7. Bhaijaan – 1945
    8. Humjoli – 1946
    6. Dil – 1946
    7. Mirza Sahiban – 1947

    What a pity that Dost, Naukar and Duhai are not available :( What wonderful songs all of them have! I don’t know about Duhai’s soundtrack, as no songs are available from it. But I stars two favourite singing stars of mine – Noor Jehan, the second heroine and Shanta Apte the heroine. Let us hope that some day we will get these movies.

  6. Mister Jinx, thanks for all the info. Now I do vaguely remember reading somewhere that the print for Dost couldn’t be found. That is a shame.

    I knew that Rizvi, Noor Jehan’s husband, played her brother in the movie (in addition to being the director). I had found that info, in addition to a bunch of other nice tidbits about Noor Jehan’s films, when I stumbled upon the Noor Jehan page at Kasurcity.com:


    Vidur, I’ll let you know if I ever spot any of those films. Maybe someone else has a better answer?

  7. Hello Vidur and Richard,

    Just like you guyz I am looking for the prints of Noor Jehan pre-partition films. Prints of Zeenat and Mirza Sahiban are easily available as they were released by M M Video Karachi, and the clips from these films are available on youtube.

    One of my friends Priya told me that one of her friends told her that the print of Badi Maa does exist in National Film Archives of Pune, but it hasnt been released commercially yet. Of all the pre-partition films of Noor Jehan, I am desperate to see Badi Maa, as it stars Noor, Asha Bhosle and Lata.

    If you guyz have any luck finding the prints of her pre-parition movies, please let me know too!

    Among her Pakistani films, prints of Gulnaar and Noor Jehan’s last film Ghalib are very hard to find. I have been told by someone that Ghalib print survives and will be released in coming years, which is a great news. Noor Jehan looks stunningly beautiful in this film from the pics I have seen.

    One of my friends Inaam told me that Gulnaar (1953) print was destroyed by Noor Jehan’s husband himself after their marriage ended in divorce. If that is true it is a great pity because Gulnaar has some of the best songs composed by Ghulam Haider, and sung by such great artistes as Noor Jehan, Roshan Ara Begum and Fazal Hussain.

    Anywayz, if you guyz are able to get hold of the prints of her unavailable films, let me know.


  8. Sajjad Hussain wrote such beautiful music. If this film is gone forever it is indeed sad but even more sadly not at all surprising :( Zeenat is pretty readily available on dvd I believe. I have it, although it isn’t subtitled unfortunately. Again…not surprising :(

  9. Mister Jinx, thanks for the added info. I know that Mirza Sahiban is available in clips on YouTube and they are not bad (I have posted them on this blog in the past)…

    Meanwhile, I looked up Badi Maa, and I see that it also starred Sitara Devi, which makes it even more interesting as far as I’m concerned. I hope a copy turns up somewhere…

    Vidur, I know I said I’d put the other songs from Dost up on this blog over the weekend, but other things took my attention first (sorry). As far as I know, I can do this by the middle of the week.

  10. Dear Mister Jinx and memsaab,

    Could you share a copy of Zeenat and Mirza Sahiban, please? I live in India, so I cannot go to M M Video. Also, some films which were taken in India are not available in India; one very astounding example is Anmol Ghadi(!!!!!!!!) which is the most famous movie of Madam Noor Jehan in India, although docbollywood very kindly shared a copy(Thank you, Mr. Richard, I saw his comment where he was willing to burn a copy for you, and I also requested him for it. :) )

    Hoping you would consider my request, please?

  11. Dear Mr. Jinx,

    To my knowledge five pre-partition movies starring Madam are available.
    1. Khandan – 1942, manufactured by Eagle DVD(Sadly they cut 4 songs, one by Noor Jehan and three by Shamshad Begum :( )
    2. Lal Haveli – 1944, manufactured by Moser Baer(I liked Surendra a lot too in this)
    3. Gaon Ki Gori – 1945, manufactured by Friends Video(Sadly they cut 2 songs, one by Noor Jehan and the other by Kalyani and others, all of the singers who are unknown have superb voices. Apart from Noor Jehan’s songs, even Amirbai’s songs and Mohammed Rafi’s first Hindi movie songs are fabulous :( )
    4. Anmol Ghadi – 1946, manufactured by Eros International DVD(I got this from docbollywood, thanking him here)
    5. Jugnu – 1947, available in Youtube. Please visit my site http://www.madamnoorjehan.blogspot.com for the link and a review)

    I hope this information was useful to you, and…requesting you again for Mirza Sahiban and Zeenat.

  12. Dear Mister Jinx,

    Now that you have told me that Badi Maa is available in the Film Institute, I shall visit Pune sometime and definitely get the film, and other available ones. As far as Ghalib is concerned, please try to find it at the Pakistani Film Institute(does that exist?) I have not heard songs by Roshan Ara Begum in Gulnar and would very much like to do so. Could you please provide me links to it? And could you please share a copy of Zeenat and Mirza Sahiban?:) Is Bhaijaan available in M M Video? Because I saw a song from it in Youtube and above ‘M M’ was written. Please answer these questions.

  13. Vidur, I just wanted to mention, I had no idea that you were hanging around back when Doc Bollywood offered me a copy of Anmol Ghadi. That was a while back… But as you can see, I still take out the DVD that he burnt for me pretty frequently, watching this or that scene or song (yet again), and getting my “image headers” from it. ;)

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