5 comments on “A Vyjayanthimala Dance in Sangham (1953) Which Also Features That Map (more or less)

  1. Richard–thanks for this and I’m glad you posted the Telugu version of this song. Telugu and Bengali are my favorite Indian languages–both with a fair amount of Sanskrit and both very sweet. The dancing in the end is indeed a delight but what I liked most was the fact that she was relativley unadorned. The ornamentation these days in Bollywood is out of control.

    harvey: Yes, VJ does seem to have got her inspiration from Kalidas ;)

  2. Harvey and Sophy, I admit I had to look up Kalidas a little after your comments before I too realized that Kalidas was on the map and Vyjayanthimala, at least at one point, looked an awful lot like Kalidas. Pretty funny…

    Sophy, yes, I guess that’s true about the ornamentation.

    Regarding those languages… I have read somewhere that Bengali is probably the closest to Sanskrit among the current languages. I’ve also heard quite a bit of Bengali being spoken in New York City in the past couple of years… Telugu is another matter, a little more unusual from my perspective.

    For me, the most interesting language to hear is Tamil, possibly because it’s so different, and because I’ve heard it mainly in some of my favorite dance films. I have the most attachment to/familiarity with Hindi and Urdu (and I even know a few of the words here and there too now!)…from films, music, and personal life. Maybe those are my favorite Indian languages, but I’m just not sure… Punjabi sounds so nice, especially in music, I’d love to learn Malayalam because of my interest in Kerala, I enjoy hearing Marathi in some of those V. Shantaram films…the list could go on and on, as you know. :)

  3. love all your posts:)
    vyjeyanthimala vs padmini dance in vajikotai valiban is the best.
    awsome dance.

    sorry for filling the comment box with links:)

  4. Thank you, Deepthi!

    Yes, Vanjikottai Valiban has appeared and disappeared a few times around here…

    I trust by now you’ve seen my post of June 28? ;)

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