8 comments on “On the 35th Death Anniversary for Madan Mohan…

  1. Richard, I’m captivated by these picturizations. Really, my jaw drops and I just watch. Now I’m going to have to see these movies. My Madan Mohan favorites are different from the ones you selected though I do remember and love “mere need”. Thanks for bringing all these songs onto my radar. I remember you once posted Hemant Kumars “kaha le chale ho” when Bina Rai died. I love the song and I hadn’t seen the picturization before that.

  2. thanks for reminding me about these: there is rarely a Madan Mohan soundtrack that does not surprise and please!

  3. Sophy and Bawa, you are welcome – it’s nice to see that you both like these soundtracks also.

    Sophy, unlike with the two Madan Mohan films here, I never saw the film Durgesh Nandini, which has “Kaha Le Chale Ho…” It seems you knew that particular song much better than I did, so I’m glad that you found it here. (Sometimes these clips are from movies or soundtracks that I know and love, and sometimes they’re just lucky results from spending too much time at YouTube. :) )

  4. Madan Mohan Rules ! I love his songs from Dastak, though it is very hard to pick favorites from his collection.

  5. Ava, yes, Dastak has good songs (and that got him an award also, right?). But for some reason, I really took to Madan Mohan’s early work – between the two movies in this post, I like Madhosh more; it’s my favorite, as far as I know, from all the way back in 1951.

    Re. the PPS, is it that far-fetched? :) You never know… For instance, before I saw Yahudi, I never thought I’d see a Bollywood movie about the oppression of Jews in ancient Rome.

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