11 comments on “Ah, I Found This Movie At Last (And Hope To Write It Up Soon)…

  1. Kalpana? :-) Lovely. I haven’t seen the film, but As-salaam-aalaikum babu used to be one of my favourite songs when I was a kid. I’d watch the film just for that!

  2. Yes, Kalpana… I’ve heard/watched all the songs (I think) so many times during the past couple of years (betrween the Padmini-Ragini extravaganza and what I consider to be O.P. Nayyar’s best soundtrack, they’ve been quite irresistible to me)…but now I’ll finally be able to watch them in context! (Been busy the past couple of days, so haven’t had a chance to yet – but I will soon, assuming nothing goes wrong with this Moser Baer DVD (still a better risk than Friends, from my exprience :) ). But you knew the songs of Kalpana back when you were a kid?! That makes me almost envious.

  3. I have seen Kalpana but don’t remember this song from it.
    I mean I know this song but didn’t know which film it was from and then didn’t see it in Kalpana.
    Very strange.
    Perhaps the place where i watched the film this song had been cut?
    There was a dance with both the sisters but not this.

    I am absolutely mystified, unless my memory is playing tricks.

  4. Pacifist, I don’t know what to say at to this point. Except… If you want to hear something else strange, this dance does not have both sisters in it. There is only one of the sisters in it, and that is Ragini!

    For a very brief time a while back, I said that it was a Padmini-Ragini dance, and then Stella_1 from Parties, Sarees & Melodies wrote in that Padmini was not in this clip; it was only Ragini. And I felt very embarrassed about that because even back then Padmini had a special place in my heart and I thought, how could I have said my beloved Padmini was in this dance when she did not even appear in it? But later, over time, I discovered that absolutely everybody (except Stella_1, I guess) thinks that this is a dance with both sisters (until everybody takes a closer look and realizes that they’re wrong).

    Anyway, just another(?) strange thing about this scene that I thought I would mention :) …

  5. I have only one explanation for these strange observations.
    This song isn’t from Kalpana.
    I checked the credits again just now and there is no mention of anyone else that could perform this exquisite dance with Ragini.

  6. Pacifist, I am not sure I understand your comment… No one else is needed to perform this exquisite dance with Ragini because Ragini is performing it with Ragini.

    It’s a good cinematic trick, but there are one or two places where it becomes more obvious that there is some split-screen business going on.

    BTW, notice, Vyjayanthimala did the same trick in the clip that I posted a few days ago. And Padmini did it in Payal. I think they were fond of doing this sort of thing in old Indian films. :)

    Unfortuantely, I haven’t had a chance to watch my DVD of the film yet (I’ve been “on the road” again, commuting between two ends of NY State – long story, kind of the story of my summer right now), but once I do, maybe I’ll see whether or not this song is in the film. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be, though, if everyone says that it is. :)

  7. Oh. I didn’t recognize the other dancer as Ragini, and thought then it must be Lalitha (I think that was the eldest sister’s name) since the features were so similar.
    *blush* *blush* *blush*

    So I checked the credits to see if there was a guest appearance.

    Perhaps the song is on DVD. I watched it online :-)

  8. Pacifist, I am watching the DVD now, and the song is definitely there… It is the Ragini character’s audition dance for a spot as instructor at a dance school!

    Ava, yes, the song starts out classical and lapses into a Punjabi folk number… What a perfect O.P. Nayyar tune! :)

  9. Glad you finally got round to watching Kalpana, Richard. Looking forward to your thoughts about it.
    I love the song at the beginning.

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