5 comments on “Here’s My All-Time Favorite Singing-in-Cars Song (from Sunehre Din (1949))

  1. Who’s Raj Kapoor among them? I couldn’t make out at all.

    There’s another similar song in Kaakaz ke phool with an early Mehmood.

  2. Could that be him front-left in the white shirt? (Watching without subtitles, I had no idea why these particular characters were riding in these cars…)

    He’s not one of the main singers in this one (or, rather, Mukesh isn’t).

    I also was reminded of the scene in Kagaaz Ke Phool… Didn’t that have both Mehmood and Minoo Mumtaz?

  3. In Kaagaz ke phool Mumtaz had a very small role, but Mehmood was there only for this song in the car IIRC.

    I fail to see any resemblance with Raj Kapoor. Was his name in the credits?

  4. Do you mean in the credits to the song or the film? Raj Kapoor is certainly in credits to the film – he had the second-biggest role in this film, next to Rehana. (And Rehana had a bigger role only because she was a bigger star at the time! :) ) Raj Kapoor plays a radio star, and there’s a nice clip from this movie, which I posted sometime back, of him singing on the radio (or, rather, Mukesh singing for him on the radio)…

    I watched 20 scenes from the movie availabe at Ultra Video’s channel. I think it’s the entire movie, maybe minus a few small cuts. And it seems as though almost every scene has a song.

    I’ll go into more detail in another post soon… The movie itself got bad reviews from a couple of sources, so maybe it’s better that I didn’t understand the dialogue. But I couldn’t agree with the review at Upperstall when it started to criticize the music, because I thought the music (by Gyan Dutt) was fantastic. (A fine music director…and it would have been pretty hard to botch the music with all those great singers!)

  5. Sorry for the confusion Richard.
    I went and checked Kalpana’s credits since that was on my mind. :-)
    Obviously I can’t do two different things at the same time. LOL.

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