10 comments on ““Aaja To Aaja”

  1. Who has won this dance off, Padmini or Vyjayanthimala? Nice to see Pran tipping one back. What movie is this Richard?

  2. Hello, Sita-ji. I would say Padmini successfully fended off the arrogant challenge from Vyjayanthimala. But unfortunately, no one could conclusively declare a winner because of interruption by dropped chandelier.

    This is from Raj Tilak, Hindi version of Vanjikottai Valiban. Deepthi posted the great Tamil film danceoff in a recent comment (one of many times it’s been mentioned or posted here) and Tom had posted the Hindi version recently, so I thought it was time to bring the Hindi version over.

  3. That was really something. Nearly 10 minutes of sheer gorgeousness.
    The chandelier dropping was a very good solution to the problem of having to choose the winner :-)

  4. Ten minutes of sheer gorgeousness – thank you for that most accurate description!

    Yes, it’s true, they/we avoided having to decide on the winner here. That seems to happen a lot especially with competitions involving Vyjayanthimala. Thus people can debate the issue for decades or a half century afterwards. :) (Though that seems to happen even more with competitions between Vyjayanthimala and Helen… I just added some comments on that but then decided to drop them this time. :) )

  5. Awesome. At 9.30 you can see Padmini cowering before Vaiju, just before the king decides to end it by downing the chandeliar.

    So many dance-offs have ended by anklets breaking, guitar snapping, lady fainting, sigh, but always, the heroine getting the upper edge.

  6. I think the girls look similar because they had the same makeup artist, who tried to give them rosebud mouths. They did have distinct features, which seem to blur into wide eyes and rosebud mouths here. I managed to distinguish them by their different attires.

  7. Ava, good point about the heroine always getting the upper edge :) …

    Regarding similarity in appearance due to rosebud mouths… I agree. I don’t think Padmini and Vyjyayanthimala were all that similar in appearance normally. Re. the other actress mentioned by Bollywooddeewana, I have seen scenes of B. Saroja Devi that reminded me a little of Vyjayanthimala, but that could just as well have been a matter of makeup too.

  8. That is quite a comprehensive post on Bollywood chandeliers! This dance certainly belongs (even if it is more vintage than most of the ones she included and it seems to be better known in the Tamil version)… Maybe one of us should mention it?

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