11 comments on “Seven of My Favorite Rafi Songs

  1. The Worli ka naaka and Dearo Dearo Mummy Nahin songs were new to me. But oh, so good! And you’re so right, Madhuban mein Radhika naache re is a must-have on any Rafi list. Such an absolutely mind-blowingly beautiful song. I love the way everything about the song – Kumkum’s dancing, the way Dilip Kumar plays the sitar, Mukri’s shenanigans, EVERYTHING – is just so.

    RIP, Rafi Sahib.

  2. I had quite forgotten the song from Anmol Ghadi. Worli ka naka is new to me. The others, esp Madhuban mein radhika naache re and Suhani raat dhal chuki are among my personal favourites too. I meant to do a Rafi special post today but was so busy listening to his songs on radio today, that I didn’t get enough time to do a post,in fact I just couldn’t concentrate on anythign else. Will do it tomorrow or day after (hopefully).
    Thank you so much for this post!!!

  3. Dearo Dearo Mummy Nahin is a new one for me and I LOVE it! Rafi does swing and rock-n-roll and rap like nobody’s business! :D I don’t recall hearing Tera khilona toota before, either – sounds like the best of Rafi’s grim songs (I love them!). Suhani raat dhal chuki is another big favorite of mine. I love the slight nasal twang in his voice – it’s rather unusual in his later songs. And if I remember my Rafi-lore right, Suhaani raat was the song that catapulted him into the star-bracket of singers.

    This one from Kohinoor has to be on everybody’s list. And if it’s not on your list, there’s something wrong with you.

    I must admit that it would never make it to my list of favorites. I love Rafi, love the film and it’s songs, but I am a bit tired of this one – it invariably turns up on ALL Rafi lists. Can we still be friends? ;D

  4. Rammaiya Vasta Vaiyya tops my list here. I have heard Madhuban me radhika too often for it to be on my list. Suhani raat is lovely.

    Worli ka Naka and My mummy dearo are a find. Esp Worli ka naka.

  5. I am very happy to see that you all liked my choices!

    It is funny how a song just can’t be on the list anymore after you’ve seen/heard it too many times. As I said, that’s why I didn’t include one of the ones from Baiju Bawra. Though I mostly brought that burnout upon myself. :)

    Dustedoff, Kumkum really does add to the perfect quality of ‘Madhuban Mein Radhika Nache Re” on screen… For those who’ve had too much of that song, substitute “Dhal Chuki Sham-e-Ghum”:

    Wow, if Kumkum did in every film what she did in Kohinoor, she’d be in my top 5 list of dancers (though even with all the other movies I’ve seen her in, she’s still in the top 15 :) )…

    I’m glad everybody likes “Worli Ka Naaka”… The movie Do Ustad was a lot of fun, with some nice, funny dymamics between Raj Kapoor and Madhubala. (And I could be wrong, but I don’t think Raj had as much of the “annoying mannerisms” in that film that bother some of you. :) )

    Speaking of Raj Kapoor (with all his mannerisms :) )… Ava, while it’s tough for me to say which song has my favorite Rafi performance in it, I would have to agree about “Ramaiya Vasta Vaiya”; it is also my favorite song out of all of these.

    It is good to know that “Suhani Raat” is so well liked and was a breakthrough for Rafi. I really didn’t know it was such a big sensation, and that movie, Dulari, is the least familiar to me. (I almost said it’s the only one represented in this list that I hadn’t seen, but I also didn’t see Nagina. Still, for some reason I feel as though I saw it. Maybe because I’ve known about a couple of the songs from that for a while, and I have seen other movies with Gope, so I could be mixing up my unique Gope experiences…)

    Bollyviewer, you obviously know so many Rafi songs, it’s good to know that I surprised you with a couple. :) I am happy to hear that you agree that “Tera Khilona Toota” is the best(?) (or at least one of the best) of his grim songs. I like that song a lot, and I’m impressed he did that for such an early film.

    Sunheriyaadein, definitely looking forward to your Rafi post!

    By the way, thanks to both Dustedoff and Sunheriyaadein for inspiring the post title… “___ of my favorite…” really is more accurate than saying “my favorite” or “best” when you’re coming up with a few songs at a particular moment to post by a particular time. At least it is for me (though I am very fond of all of these songs)…

  6. Thanks a lot for the melodies. The songs are my favourites too. Soon even I shall add some of Rafi’s songs to my bollyblog. By the way, I’ve added the Geeta Dutt songs too….please listen to Jiya Dole Hale Ho specially. I’ve finished my Anmol Ghadi review and Iam working on my Village Girl review. And thank you so much for the Lata interview. It is so nice to know about their relation.

    Please visit:

  7. I lLOVE the song you posted from Seema. Kaha jaa raha hai is fantastic too and spekts to me–the confused one. I’ve been listening to it a lot recently. Tough call. And there is also Manna Dey’s “Tu pyar ka saagar hai”.

  8. Do I get a medal for knowing all the songs? ;-)

    The Dulari song and Kohinoor are definitely among my favourites. The rest are gorgeous. It *is* difficult to make a list and I commend you for coming up with quite a refreshing one.

    Two unheard songs of Mohammad Rafi were released, set to music by Madan Mohan, to commemorate their death anniversaries. Madan ji’s was on 15 July.


  9. Sorry for cluttering your blog, Richard. But my brain is working in fits and starts for having discovered these two numbers. And I have finally the SONGS!!!
    Please delete the 2nd and 3rd comments of mine.

    The first one is typical of late 60s lively songs of his.
    [audio src="http://www.madanmohan.in/audio/98_Unrel_Songs_Unrel_Films/04_Ya%20Illahi.mp3" /]

    The second one is a serious one.

    [audio src="http://www.madanmohan.in/audio/98_Unrel_Songs_Unrel_Films/05_Har%20Sapna%20Ek%20Din%20Toote.mp3" /]

  10. Vidur, glad you liked my Rafi selections too, and I’m looking forward to seeing which Rafi songs you put on your Bolly blog. It was nice seeing the latest Geeta Dutt songs. I was surprised that you seem to dislike Kuldip Kaur, though… Maybe not the most dazzling actress, but when I think of her, I think of the dacoit queen in Baiju Bawra, who was the best character in that film (and she did that well). Anyway, it was also good to see your synopsis and review of Anmol Ghadi, with all those clips, caps, even a poster! I left a comment there… And you’re welcome re. the Lata interview. When I saw that, I thought of our conversation with Mister Jinx…

    Sophy, yes, isn’t that song from Seema great? It is a very good soundtrack.

    Pacifist, glad you enjoyed my list and even found it refreshing! And thanks for those links. (I hope that I deleted the comments you wanted me to delete – you did say second and third. :) ) I had read about these special songs being released to commemorate both anniversaries… I will listen to them soon!

  11. I do not understand why Rafi lovers does not include the song in their favorite list from Bheegi Raat——Jane Wo Kaun Hain Kya Naam Hai Un Ankoon Ka—–. It is such a beatiful song, Rafi Sahab voice is so crystal clear that sometimes it looks unnatural that a human can have such a pure voice.

    I request the Rafi fans to just listen this song just once (those who have not listened) and have their feedback.

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