4 comments on “Unwanted Weddings (Installment #1?)

  1. I like the original idea of this post.
    You are right about the unwanted weddings being a major plot in several films.

    What about the other mother of unwanted weddings? That of all the Paros in all the Devdases. :-D

  2. Pacifist, glad you liked the idea…

    It did occur to me that maybe 1935 Devdas could be called the mother or unwanted marriage films, or maybe it’s the grandmother. But strangely enough, I’ve never seen a Devdas yet. I have seen songs from al three big ones, and I almost picked up 1955 Devdas at one time but decided to go home with Madhumati instead.

    I really should watch this movie, considering how many things I must have seen that have been influenced by it. Maybe I keep putting it off because it’s been hyped so much :) and because I’ve read quite a few other people who found it a not-so-pleasant experience. (Though I actually like depressed and internally disabled heroes more than a lot of people.)

    I am inclined to believe Philip Lutgendorf that the best Devdas of all was the 1935 one. Maybe that’s the biggest reason I haven’t seen it yet – I’d like to see the ’35 one first. But good luck to me finding it on DVD with subtitles! The 1955 one doesn’t look so bad, but the newest one does look terrible. (I don’t even like the song-and-dance clips that I’ve seen, outside of Madhuri Dixit. And even when she’s there, it feels as though there are just too many other people and too many fancy costumes around.)

  3. I think you’ll like the 1955 Devdas, Richard. I haven’t seen the ’35 version, but KL Saigal would probably fit the role like a glove.
    The gaudiness of the latest one took away the melancholy from the atmosphere…which just isn’t Devdas.

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