13 comments on “Happy Birthday, Kishore (Abdul Rehman) Kumar!

  1. Just by calling the master ‘Abdul Rehman’ you win nothing! You achieve nothing. He had only taken that name to marry Madhubala who was a muslim. He was born a Hindu and died one. Dont create controversy where none exists.
    Next you will start calling Dharmendra by his muslim name.

  2. I called him “Abdul Rehman” because the name figures prominently in the first song (in which he keeps singing that his name is Abdul Rehman) and then is featured prominently in a sign before the second one. I like both these songs, and it was a nice way to connect them. Are there other songs in which the name is used prominently? That’s my only concern about “Abdul Rehman.”

    But you have created interesting fictitious motives for my doing this. What am I supposedly trying to win? Where does this narrative lead? What do you imagine about me? Please, tell us more!
    P.S. By the way, Kishore Kumar got married to Madhubala in 1960 (or 1961, depending on which source you look at). The first song above, “Mera Naam Abdul Rehman,” was from the movie Bhai-Bhai, which came out in 1956. The seond song was from Aasha, which came out in 1957.

  3. :-D
    Funny, isn’t it, how just a name can create such a furore.
    did KK really assume the name Abdul Rehman to marry Madhubala? than he had much more sense of humour than one credits him and that is really a lot!
    KK had such a vivacity in his voice and such a range!
    Love him!

  4. Harvey, I checked a few sources, and they say that he changed his name to Karim Abdul…

    I knew as much about that as you did… The prior commenter gave me much more credit than I deserved… I guess I just sort of stumbled into something. :)

  5. The two you picked are nice happy birthday songs. I hadn’t heard the first one before. People still remember Kishore’s b’day.(Some one on another blog posted Lata’s tweets–of course Lata would remember). That is the real tribute.

  6. Nice, Richard. Both videos showcase his great vocal and comedic abilities. Thanks to Ava for her video…never seen it…like it. He’s my favorite singer and he could really sell a song better than anyone else…love his yodeling which he often used to great effect. My favorite yodeling song of his is Zindagi Ek Safar Hai Suhana. What a fun song!

  7. I love eena meena deeka, and of course Abdul Rehman one too (LOL at that troll’s comment).

    He fitted so well as Dev Anand’ and Rajesh Khanna’s voices.
    His son wants to make a film about him. Hope he does.
    Saw him on stage a couple of years ago with Asha Bhonsle.

  8. A rose by any other name… Nice write up and it’s good to know that he is remembered fondly this many years after his passing. Kishore never really cared about religion and I doubt anyone who is a true fan really cares about that anyway.

    The director of ‘Dor’ supposedly wants to do a biopic on him as well and I would love to see it come to fruition. I did a write up over on my blog as well – the uber fan in me came tumbling out in Kishoreda’s honor ;)

  9. Sanket, thank you for your comment re. my “writeup,” but aside from brief comments afterwards, there was no writeup. :) But on the other hand, I looked at your post, and THAT’S A WRITEUP!! I’d been hoping you’d give us a good post about Kishore’s birthday, since I knew you were a big fan.

    OK, more responses to comments from everyone later (I just had to mention this – everybody should go to the Doc Bollywood site for a real writeup!)…

  10. Thanks for the kind words Richard… I figured for all that he has given me over the years it was the least I could do ;) I know you did not have much of a write up but it was just good to see that I was not alone in missing him.

  11. Sanket, I think you can see just from the responses here that you were not alone in missing him. :)

    …Which brings me to Sophy’s comment – yes, you are right, lots of people remember Ksihore Kumar’s birthday! But I wouldn’t know about the tweets… I never got into this twitter-tweeting business. I don’t know, maybe I just developed some kind of block. :)

    By the way, I almost posted that first song, “Mera Naam Abdul Rehman” in my Madan Mohan tribute a little while back (since it is from Bhai-Bhai…). I really was hoping to find a clip with better sound quality, not to mention visual quality… But I figured, it’s OK, since the quality of the singing is more than good enough. :)

    Pacifist, thanks for the nice feedback on this one… That must have been nice seeing him and Asha live!

    Mister Naidu, thanks for the clip – yes, some fine yodeling there!

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