11 comments on “Sojare Soja vs. Rajdularay

  1. OK, seriously… The information I read is that Geeta Dutt sings this song on Dulari. I wouldn’t normally recognize Dulari or Chand Usmani. I think I would recognize Swarnalata, because I’m fond of the movie Ratan (more for its brilliant soundtrack, but I like the movie too). I just posted these for the song(s), which I found without seeing these movies…trying to decide which version I like more.

  2. It is Chand Usmani and Jeevan Jyoti one of my most hated films of all time :-) Even young Shammi couldn’t save it.

    Love that second song, so pretty :)

  3. Yes, Memsaab, I glanced at your review of that film, and it was clear you didn’t like it. :) And I agree with you that the second song (ripoff of the first?) is better. At first I thought maybe I was just swayed by the better soundmix and the inclusion of subtitles, but I’ve decided it really is altogether better… Though Geeta Dutt’s voice in the first one might be a little sweeter than Munwar Sultana’s, but Munwar is good too, and that’s the only advantage the first version has – aside from not being a ripoff. :)

  4. That sounds like Lata in the version of Soja re soja that you’ve posted. The singer’s voice is too high pitched for it to be Geeta Dutt! There is another version of the song that is clearly sung by Geeta Dutt and is picturised on a dying Dulari (Chand Usmani is the blushing bride in that clip). Maybe that’s where the confusion about Dulari/Chand Usmani comes in?

  5. Oh, it”s Lata – no wonder the voice sounds sweeter in that one!

    Yes, Bollyviewer, I think you’re right.

    I should have just posted these the original, lazy way that I first planned, with only the clips up, leaving other peple to figure it all out. :)

    OK, here’s how I got myself into this mess:

    I actually knew nothing about the Hindi film that this song came from… I was originally interested in the Pakistani film (because of Swarnalata and also because of a couple of Pakistani singers that I was looking up). Then I saw a comment that this song in the Pakistani film was a ripoff of an S.D. Burman song, and I said, oh, that’s interesting. I read that the original song was Geeta Dutt on Dulari. I saw two different clips of the S.D. Burman song, and I picked the one that was closer in style, tempo, and actual images to the scene in the Pakistani film.

    I admit I wouldn’t have recognized the actresses in the Hindi version anyway. But why didn’t I recognize Lata? Though maybe it is a slightly different style from what I’m used to hearing from Lata?

    Whatever, another embarrassing error in identification – multiple errors in this post. :-(

  6. Oh! I didn’t realise the Naukar song was a rip-off of the first one. Of course, now I can see the similarities. :D The Lata version, as you say, is sweeter, but I like the second song better. Sounds more heart-felt, or maybe it’s just my new found appreciation for voices other Asha/Geeta/Lata!

  7. Well, you seem to know a bit about Shamshad too! (Now there’s a voice that I think I can always recognize – and would be pretty embarrassed if I didn’t!) Hope you like her singing in my latest post – though in your case, I guess, it would have to be in spite of the pacifier-sucking Raj Kapoor. :)

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