22 comments on “Here’s a Swinging Song from Aag

  1. Reminds me of Tom disguising himself as a baby to get to the goodies in the fridge in several Tom and Jerry cartoons.

  2. WHY?! are they dressed like that in what sounds like a romantic number (at night the stars shine, my love winks at me and I die)? The song is cute but I could’ve done without the video!

  3. Bollyviewer, I knew you’d love this Raj Kapoor video. LOL I wasn’t sure why they were dressed like that either :) , though I didn’t mind too much…

    It’s in one of the plays within the movie… I watched the movie the other night at that “Raj KapoorFan” site where I had gotten to see Awara. It had subtitles, but the print was so bad, I couldn’t read them half the time. I read some of the titles to this song, and I got those words, more or less.

    Aside from maybe that they thought it was funny and cute… Well, the film is about a guy who can’t forget his childhood sweetheart. In the childhood that he’s remembering, he wasn’t a baby (he was whatever age Shashi Kapoor was in 1948), but I’m guessing that this scene might be an exaggerated reference to the childhod sweetheart theme. Someone could correct me if I’m wrong. (I think everything in this film has to connect back to what’s going on with the character(s)…. It doesn’t seem like a film in which anything is done just for the hell of it.)

  4. I also heard the song. Nice one :). Please check out my blogs and Youtube playlist. I’ve added my favourite Mukesh songs and also a special song for today’s Indian Independence Day. if you noticed, I subscribed to your Youtube channel too. Please excuse me for the long break I took :D. It is so good to get back to your site again. BTW, here is a link to a marvellous site you earlier mentioned about:
    Here I downloaded the songs from Dil (as it has awesome songs by Noor Jehan). Please hear the 2nd, 3rd and 4th songs. In Nadiya Ka Behta Pani, do you think the first singer could be Zohrabai or Kalyani, and the second one Shamshad? And in Chali Gaadi Dhuwan Udati, do you think the singers could be Noor Jehan and B.A.Moti(another singer who sings in this movie. Do you know about him?) Please tell me your opinion on the voices, my sites and also all the best for your site. Keep it up!

  5. Welcome, back, Vidur (although you haven’t been away for that long, really). Once again, I very much appreciate your nice words about my blog, in part because you are obviously so knowledgable about some of my favorite artists and their films, as shown by your blogs.

    I looked at your Mukesh post, and it is very good. By the way, when I saw/heard the song above, I thought of putting together a list of Mukesh/Shamshad duets, and Mela would have been well represented in that.

    I also thought about the Noor Jehan song that you put up in your post for Independence Day, before you posted it and mentioned it here. :) It sounds like a very lively, uplifting song, though I don’t know the meaning of most of the lyrics. And is there a more perfect way to celebrate all of “British India’s” independence from the British than through a Noor Jehan song? ;)

    By the way, Doc Bollywood once again moved up his old Independence Day post, so it looks as though he wrote it this year. :) I guess he does that every year… As you probably know, he focused on Noor Jehan and Lata Mangeshkar. How could I not love it? Below the post, you can see a long comment from me expressing my love of Noor Jehan. I didn’t actually write it this year, but everything I said in that comment is the same… Except where I said that my obsession with “Bollywood and the like” had been in “full swing” for only a couple of years… It’s a few years now! :)

    (BTW, I have thought about doing my own post related to Independence or Partition or 1947 in general… I have made a couple of “false starts” and am not sure I will get anything adequate up in time. Well, we’ll see. :) )

    Oh, and thanks for the link at the marvelous music site. I really should make that site a permanent link on my side bar. In fact, I will.

    Anyway, consider all of this only the first part of my answer. :) I’ll have to come back here another time soon to talk more about your sites and also to try to answer the questions that you asked.

  6. Today Iam uploading more patriotic songs (by various artists) in my bollyblog. Also, Iam uploading some song-dance combinations (especially for you!) And also a really fantastic classical performance by Malika-E-Mauseeqi Madam Roshan Ara Begum with Panna’s dance. Remember hearing her sing in Jugnu for Shashikala? And also Iam adding much more to my Youtube playlist. Do tell me if you like all of these and also please try to answer the question.

  7. Hi, Vidur. I can’t seem to find the specific things you’re mentioning above (not as of the time I’m writing this comment), but I think your Mukesh and Rafi collections are very nice indeed. More later. :)

  8. Vidur, I also see/hear only three songs from Dil on your YouTube site. They are quite lovely, though! And I can’t find songs by the titles that you mention. Maybe they’re being called something else in the video? At this point, I must request that you please let me off the hook with regard to the other-singer identifications (which I probably wouldn’t get anyway) and just let me enjoy this wonderful music! Thanks.

  9. It will take me a day or to convert the audio files in the-


    -site. I found out some things. Iam sure that there are two singers in Nadiya Ka Behta Pani. It is confirmed that the first one is a singer-actress Anees Khatoon (who is new to me), and the second Iam guessing to be Shamshad Begum. Although I like Anees Khatoon’s voice. Chali Gadi Dhuwan Udati is confirmed to be sung by Noor Jehan and B. A. Moti. I did add something to my Youtube channel, but could not add the patriotic songs. But I added the song-dance sequences today; here it is:


    Hope you like it. I will be back tomorrow. :)

  10. Vidur, thanks, the song-and-dance post is very enjoyable. I’m most familiar with those songs from Neend, which I’ve probably listened to more than I watched. (I downloaded MP3s, though not form the site we were talking about… I think I’ve gotten most of my ’50s Noor Jehan from Cool Toad.)

    Roshan Ara Begum is great too! And I think you can hear more of that greatness in the 1969 song that you posted than when she sang for the 14-year-old Shashikala in Jugnu some 22 years before(!)…

    One really good combination that you posted is Zohrabai on Cuckoo in Mirza Sahiban… How often have we seen/heard that? (Maybe more often than I think, but I always think of Shamshad Begum as Cuckoo’s natural singer, kind of like Mukesh for Raj Kapoor.)

    I could say more, but I should go say something on your site eventually, and I’m already going to end up repeating myself. :)

    BTW, I guess I was a little confused about where you were pointing to for the extra songs from Dil and what site you were referring to with your questions. Of course, as soon as you upload all this stuff to your own sites, that confusion will not be confusion anymore. :)

  11. Iam glad you found the site, and I’ve also found the complete movie Neend in 14 parts. I have the first half of the movie from http://www.vidpk.com but the second half was problematic and would’nt load. So I was more than glad to find it there, and also I heard Zubaida Khanum and Naseem Begum for the first time actually recognising them. Here’s the link.


    (Movie and songs)

    By the way, do you have another song from Dil, Bhanwre Shor Na Karna by Noor Jehan and Moti? It is plentifully in available in Hamara Forums but you have to upload something in turn to get something. I did try that but HF deleted all my audio posts and uploads. Please do try to find it. If you have uploaded something there, you can download the song from the following link.


    If you do, please upload it on Youtube using Windows Movie Maker (which is free, in programs) so that it can be shared. You just have to click File: Import into Collections, and drag the files down (Now it would’nt be a mystery how I converted audio files to videos :) )

    You are right about the Neela Parbat song, Roshan Ara gets to show her prowess and mastery much more there. How fast she sings! Zohrabai is definitely one of my favourites and I like the strength and weightiness in her voice a lot apart from the sweetness. Sadly many artistes’ exact dates ogf birth like Amirbai, Zohrabai, Shanta Apte, Rajkumari, etc. remain unknown :(. They should be given more importance.

  12. He doesn’t look like Raj Kapoor to you? Actually, I never had a problem recognizing him as Raj Kapoor… I was wondering more about the female character. She does not look quite like Nargis to me, and she’s definitely not Kamini Kaushal. (The bonnets do confuse appearances a little…)

  13. In the film just before the song and after, a friend of Raj Kapoor appeared. I think that it may be him. Yes, the female character comes after Kamini and Kaushal and before Nargis. One of those from the group Raj Kapoor was tring to form, I think. Was it some kind of rehearsal ?

  14. I don’t know what to say. It really does look like Raj Kapoor to me, and I never doubted that it was him. I wouldn’t rule out the idea that I could be wrong, because sometimes I am not the best at facial recognition, especially when strange hats and costumes are involved, but the problem for me usually is not being able to recognize an actor immediately, rather than recognizing one wrong.

    I think the scene above was from one of multiple projects at the theater company that the guys were trying to get off the ground. My memory about this movie is a little vague…

    I saw the film at around the time of this post… It was in a copy on YouTube and probably wasn’t the best quality, either (though it did have subtitles)… And it was not a very good film. So, I’m not that interested in watching it again. :)

    You’re right that it did have beautiful-looking scenes (in addition to very nice songs). It also had some good acting, mainly by the women. Nargis was certainly memorable in this.

  15. Richard. Hans in the ‘OpenThread’ of Songs of Yore confirms my suspicion. He says that it is Vishw Mehra, maternal uncle of Raj Kapoor.

  16. Ah, so I was fooled by a family resemblance!

    Swarup, thank you for going to so much effort to find the solution to this mystery.

    I should go to the Songs of Yore “Open House” section. Though I have been to this blog so many times (and have been in touch with AK for several years now), I don’t know if I ever wandered over to that section before. :)

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