9 comments on “Vyjayanthimala in Vazhkai (1949)

  1. She’s about 16 here. And chubby like she admitted in an interview. And a little like Esha Deol (which is not a compliment).

  2. Not 16, 13! Yeah, I think we saw the same interview – where she mentioned all the pressures she was under afterwards to get rid of her “baby fat.”

  3. the music is a copy of chup chup khade ho zaroor koi baat hai from badi bahen.

    embedding is disabled, hence I have given the link

  4. Thank you for that info, Ava. Yes, it is a copy! Maybe I should get Badi Bahen… I had a few chances to pick it up and it seems that the songs are pretty nice, but a couple of people somewhere said it was really bad :) , and that might have persuaded me, at least in the back of my mind, to get other things instead. But I probably will watch it sometime.

  5. I liked this song and dance a lot. Who is the singer? Vyjayantimala herself? Or somebody else? I have a lot of Friends VCDs and that too in average quality (except Kaneez – 1949 starring Shyam, Munawar Sultana and Kuldip Kaur) I also have Badi Behen, and loved its music. I also have a good quality copy of Rattan (unlike you ;D) and enjoyed the movie and especially songs so much.

  6. Hi, Vidur. I did just a little searching on this song, and it confirmed a couple of times tha the singer is M.S Rajeshwari. Glad you like it!

    By the way, my present Friends copy of Ratan works a little better than the first one that I complained about a while back. The biggest problem in this one is the main menu… It sometimes takes a lot of navigating and clicking of the mouse/trackball to play the movie or a selected song. (I should try it on the DVD player, now that there’s one nearby…but I suspect there would be a similar problem there.) But this DVD still plays through despite the occasional extra effort required (unlike my Friends DVD of Patanga, an even worse copy than the first defective one that I had exchanged for it). Anyway, as you know, I enjoyed Ratan and positively love the music!

  7. Hi, Harvey. The interview was on YouTube, but as far as I can tell after some searching, it’s not there anymore. (There are other interviews, but not this particular one where she talks about being chubby with baby fat during Vazhkai.) Sorry – maybe it will turn up somewhere sometime…

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