4 comments on “South Indian Film Star Pics + Sayee Subbalakshmi in Alibaba and the 40 Thieves (1955)

  1. Thank you so much not only for the Sai-Subbalaxmi dance but also the lovely melodies by Bhanumati. She is also a really nice singer. At one small glance there is a lot of information. Will read word-to-word after a little break. You haven’t seen Azaad? That is also a nice movie and stars Dilip Kumar and quite a young Meena Kumari. I’ve seen it and liked it a lot. In fact, I think it is available to watch online. Shouldn’t be difficult to find……

  2. Hi, Vidur. I did see Azaad (I have the DVD), and in that film, as I said once before, the best thing was Sayee-Subbalakshmi:


    Azaad was OK, but I liked the Dilip-Meena combination more in Kohinoor, among other films.

    I wouldn’t describe Azaad as having “quite a young” Meena Kumari… Some of her best films, like Madhosh and Baiju Bawra, were made a few years earlier.

    Have you seen Lal Haveli (1944)? I’ve seen scenes from that… Now that is quite a young Meena Kumari! :)

    I’ll get back to you re. the singers in the song above…

  3. Yes, I have seen Lal Haveli and it’s one of my favourite movies. I liked Baby Meena Kumari a lot too. She also sang a line in her voice which was a bit shaky. I also enjoyed Kohinoor a lot for its comedy, dances, songs, performances, hero and heroine.

    Also, when you hear Swarnalata’s Salam Babu in Alibabavum 40 Thirudargalum, you can see a very young Waheeda Rehman. How different she looks! She is native to Chengalpattu in the state of Tamilnadu, which is why she probably started with Tamil movies. Also, I admired Bhanumati a lot. She’s simply great. I enjoy the music of this film a lot. Hope I’ll get it sometime.

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