11 comments on ““Peetal Ki Meri Gaagari”

  1. Thanks, Ava. I thought this would be a nice continuation of the new theme here… I didn’t find it looking for that, though. Actually, I found it while looking at some songs by the classical singer Parveen Sultana (who had also done some nice singing in Pakeezah). And I had stumbled upon Parveen Sultana while looking at/listening to some Sufi songs being sung by Abida Parveen…

    But it was only much later that I found out that there had been a good discussion of this song at an old post of Atul’s Song a Day

    Anyway, I don’t know much about the “happy gaagri” songs either. I’ll have to look into that. :)

  2. The fact is filling water from a far off place was a chore. It is tiring and time consuming. This movie was about the a village suffering from drought. All the other ‘fetching water’ songs you posted earlier were ‘happy gaagri’ songs. Gaagri means a pot in Rajasthani.

  3. I remember the film for its opening scene, where the newly weds rest at a temple, where it is inscribed ‘tu pi’. The bride is literate and she reads it and her groom is surprised at it, since he himself is illiterate.

    The whole story is about water and a canal which would bring water to the village

  4. Ava and Harvey, thanks for filling me in on the main story of the film – though it seems to be pretty clear just from the song here. :)

    Ava, thanks for the definition of “gaagri” (or “gaagari,” as it says in the YouTub title). But it is a lively song, not all that depressing-sounding. And anyway, from what I’ve seen of old Indian movies, some of the liveliest, cheeriest-sounding songs (“gaagri” or otherwise) could appear in the middle of the most depressing tragedies (part of what makes old Bollywood, etc., so interesting :) )…

  5. I requested songs from this movie from Atul, and he obliged as always with this one. As noted, we discussed it in his blog.

    Am still looking for my other favourite from the film, “Ja ja ri pawaniya piya ke des ja” … movie was watchable and perhaps a more realistic image of living in a desert state than what is usually shown.

    btw, richard, am back from my travels…10kms to the Nordkapp and back!

  6. Hi, Bawa, welcome back. So, you were in arctic Norway? (I would like to go to a place like that sometime.) I’m not sure what the “10kms”(??) would stand for in this case… Are you back in Spain now?

  7. Sorry, it should have been 10,000 kms, because that is how much we drove! Artic Norway was truly spectacular, although we liked (just to be different) northern Sweden and esp northern Finland a lot more…

    when I have the photos up i will send you the link, if you are interested

  8. Bawa, yes, the second song is nice. (BTW, sorry your comment got held up a little – for some reason, the WordPress program called it spam!) By the way, I noticed singing credits given to Mukesh and Noor Jehan. Well, I guess that was one of the mysterious, less famous Noor Jehans who participated in Bollywood long after the Melody Queen had left. But that’s all right – it still is good.

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