3 comments on “Ashok Kumar and Sitara Devi Singing for Themselves in Najma (1943)

  1. Do you have the Saadat Hasan Manto book “Stars from Another Sky”—a series of essays about the 1940s Bombay film world? He devotes a chapter to Sitara Devi, she was a fascinating woman!

  2. Memsaab. thank you for reminding me about this book – I am definitely going to get a copy! Mihir Bose quotes Manto re. Sitara Devi in Bollywood: A History… Most memorable is the line describing her as a “typhoon.” :)

    Googling the book, I also found a nice review at Book Nook:


    And Hamara Forums has the chapter on Noor Jehan – I have bookmarked that, of course.

    Hamara Forums also has pictures of Sitara Devi at a function in 2009, so I’m pretty sure she’s still alive. :) There are videos on YouTube that show her kathak dancing in shows that probably happened relatively recently. I guess she would be in her 80s by now?

    Maybe even more interesting is her family – especially when you find out that a certain famous dancer and choreographer was her nephew. (Kind of reminsicent of the Travancore family. ;) ) I have an unfinished post about that, actually – maybe it will go up soon…

  3. Aha! I know who you mean—look forward to that post. She is just amazing in Roti, hope to see her in some other films soon…do get the book, it is seriously one of the most entertaining things you will ever read :)

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