10 comments on “Sadhona Bose in Alibaba (1937)

  1. Amazingly clear and crisp. It makes me believe the films must be available somewhere if there are these scenes available.

    As far as I think, the similarity in the scenes of the two films is because they seem to be enacting the same story from the Arabian Nights. I think while the first is completely based on it in Parineeta they are doing a play of it (just a guess).

    Though I can’t recall who Abdulla might be in the Alibaba and 40 thieves story.

  2. Harvey, well, it certainly does have the style a filmed play – whether it’s supposed to, or whether a lot of Indian movies from this era were generally more theatrical. (We’ve certainly heard/talked enough about the theatrical acting styles.)

    Sophy, yes the guy is a great dancer. That’s Gopi Krishna (and don’t anybody try to tell me it isn’t :) ).

    Pacifist, yes , it appears to be the same story. Double-checking the Parineeta clip, I see that she calls him “Abdalla” or Abdulla in the Parineeta clip as well. I’ve seen that scene referred to as being done like a traditional Bengali folk play (which makes sense in both cases), but I hadn’t seen it referred to as being from “Alibaba and the 40 Thieves.” And though I’ve posted scenes from different film versions of this story, I confess that I don’t really remember it, if I ever knew it.

    But I also noticed similarity in the music between the second clip above and the Parineeta clip. I wonder, was there an old musica/theatrical version that both scenes are based onl?

    Regarding the larger film contexts… Well, I saw that version of Parineeta, and it is just the scene of the play that a bunch of the characters see when they go to the theater (and unfortunately, we don’t see Gopi Krishna in this film at all after that).

  3. Hi,

    Yes, I loved these Sadhona Bose clips too. I am still searching for Alibaba.

    I did not know your email, so decided to leave a comment here:

    I noticed your comments on the Rafi article by sunheriyaadein blogger at http://sunheriyaadein.wordpress.com/2010/08/03/my-tribute-to-rafi-saab/

    To read the original article from which sunheriyaadein has taken much of her content, verbatim, please visit my blog at http://cinemacorridor.blogspot.com/2009/07/remembering-mohammed-rafi.html

    Nivedita (Alaknanda2007, my YouTube avatar)

  4. Hello, Nivedita. I was wondering if you had seen these clips or this film since you had supplied those great clips of Sadhona Bose in The Court Dancer and also wrote a very detailed and interesting review.

    Meanwhile, I am sorry if I seem to have missed your Rafi post(?)… I am sure I saw it but I guess I did not have time to comment on it at the moment or read it as closely as I should have… I went to Sunheriyaadein’s because she had mentioned to me that she was working on one. She seems to have lifted a few phrases and one of your(?) photos, but I wouldn’t say from what I saw that most of your review was lifted (though I’m a bit busy right now, so I don’t have time to do a detailed comparison). I think maybe it would have been better if she had changed the phrasing a little at least and maybe also if she’d given some credit to you for the information that she got from you. (And it is kind of obvious too. What happened Sunheriyaadein – I guess you rushed a bit with this? :) ) But, still, her post is a much longer, A-Z post, so there is a lot of other stuff too; it’s not as though your post was directly used as the entirety of her post. (I actually did have that happen to me once – someone took an entire review of mine but didn’t give me credit for it. I don’t know why someone would do something like that in a blog, especially when it’s clear that money isn’t being made off of it…)

    Anyway, I didn’t see any comment from you at Sunheriyaadein’s blog. Did you try to comment on it there? (That seems like the most appropriate place to start, I think, if this has been bugging you. :) )
    P.S. I’ve gotten complaints before about people not seeing an e-mail address for me. Unlike with Blogger, WordPress doesn’t supply a visible location where you can find one. I don’t know why I’ve hesitated to put it in myself, though. (Guess there’s no harm in it, as long as I use “[at]” to avoid spammers…) Meanwhile, though, you could always send me a message through my YouTube site (linked on the sidebar if you don’t already know it).

  5. Thank you for the article on Sadhona Bose. I always wanted to see some clips of her movies. Today, perhaps, I may be the only living disciple of hers. She was my first guru as she had initiated me into Kathak dance at Calcutta when I was barely 3 years old . She continued to take great interest in my career (courtesy her younger sister Naina Devi ie Rani Nilina Ripjit Singh) even when I was in the sixties learning Kathak from Birju Maharaj at Delhi. Post her death, I performed two of her numbers at a special memorial concert held at Kala Mandir in Calcutta in 1973 viz “Omar Khayyam” and “The Street Dancer” with the original lyrics of Sadhona ji provided to me by Naina Devi.

  6. Shovana Narayan, I had to revise my comment after I did a little research and read some of the rave reviews of your dancing over the years. How did you stumble upon this little blog? Thank you for writing in! Now I will look through your Web site more thoroughly and will watch more of your performance clips. (I love Kathak dancing, but obviously, I only find the dances randomly; I don’t know much about who is known for what, etc., in the present day. I knew a little bit more about contemporary bhratanatyam dancers a few years ago, but I have become much more interested in Kathak, especially outside of films. So, I better study up! :) )

    Of course, it is also very impressive that you learned dance from both Sadhona Bose and Birju Mahara…

    Did you really not see any clips of Sadhona Bose’s movies before? I’ve posted from The Court Dancer also, as have a few people in our little blogging circle. :) Tom Daniel posted some relatively clear copies of a few of her dances in that film:


    And he also the movie itself, in its entirety: http://youtube.com/watch?v=4g-zb8-JxeI

    Anyway, please feel free to comment again, and maybe I will start answering comments a little more promptly soon. :)

  7. Thank you. Saw Sadhona ji’s dances on youtube now. In fact, I was always asking Naina devi to show me some of her dance pieces but those were the days – sixties, seventies and eighties – when technology was not so advanced. I just grew up hearing about her exquisite suppleness and graceful dance from her younger sister Naina Devi (who was a great thumri singer and was married into the royal Kapurthala family where she was formally known as Rani Nilina Ripjit Singh) and my mother (Lalita Narayan). I did get the chance to meet her in the late sixties and early seventies (before her death) and she was a shadow of my childhood recollections. But nonetheless – these were treasured meetings with her. How I wish I had carried my camera or a video recorder with me at that time – but as I said – we were not thinking about such things. Shovana Narayan Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2013 01:51:07 +0000 To: shov2@hotmail.com

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