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  1. Which means he must have known Meena Kumari very well too. How wonderful.
    Mehmood was married to her sister.

    I’ve checked out a few pages of the blog and it looks interesting. Will do some more exploring later.
    Love such blogs of relatives/family members of actors/actresses of the past.

  2. Harvey, in answer to your question,


    Unforutnately, the link that I listed for a free pdf copy disappeared. I think I might have the copy on a backup disc from an old computer, and I should find a way to store it on this blog myself. (I will one of these days, really!) Meanwhile, quite by coincidence, I was looking through a bunch of old papers, and I found the printout (though maybe with a few pages missing – but only a few out of well over 100). I might start glancing through this again, see if anything catches my attention in a new way since I’ve had a year and a third more of heavy Bollywood education. :)

    Pacifist, I’m a big Meena Kumari fan too, as you probably know, but while there is no shortage out there of information about Meena Kumari, I’m wondering if we will get to see any more info on Minoo Mumtaz. :) As Tom pointed out in the pdf to his MM compilation, it’s not easy to find a lot of facts about the life of Minoo Mumtaz!

  3. @ Richard: O that would be wonderful, if you could post the digital copy of Balraj Sahni’s autobiography! Looking forward eagerly to that day!!!

  4. You are right Richard. The thought of Meena Kumari of course came automatically, but yes, information about Minoo Mumtaz and what happened to her would be really welcome. I don’t even know if she’s alive.
    Wonder if one should suggest it to him by clicking on ‘contact m’. I might try :-)

  5. He has a nice website. And Richard, I too want to read the Balraj Sahni autobiography. That’s how I first came to your website–I was looking for it.

    That Seema song is great — like you, I like these street performer songs and you’ve pointed quite a few out to me.

    Pacifist, Bolly is a small world. I reckon he would have known Meena Kumari even without the family connection.

  6. I will make an effort to look for the disc that might have the Balraj Sahni autobiography on it. (I don’t know if I was clear about this, but the computer that it was originally on compltely broke down and burnt out.) Then I’ll figure out if I can to put it up somewhere as a share file, I guess. Or else, I could send it out in e-mail attachments for those who request it. I don’t really know why the original person who linked it dropped that link… Maybe he got in trouble with the copyright police? (Something always to keep in mind, I guess. :) )

    Pacifist, have you sent Anwar that question about his sister Minoo Mumtaz? (I see in a comment on YouTube that her real name was Malika Mumtaz. Well, there’s a little extra piece of information that I didn’t know before…) Maybe he’s reading these questions and will answer them sometime. I guess I could write him myself, though I’m trying to figure out how not to be awkward when saying, “Like your blog, and by the way, is your sister still alive?” (Btw, as some people may have noticed, not too long after I pondered such questions about Sayee-Subbalakshmi, I started getting messages from some of Sayee’s relatives that she had just recently died. It’s a good thing I’m not superstitious…)

    Sophy, yes, I like those street performer songs a lot, going all the way back to K.L. Saigal with Kanan Devi in Street Singer. :)

  7. P.S. OK, this comment was found in a search, under a vanished video over at some site called Hot Tube (and judging by this, I guess Minoo Mumtaz is alive and well?):

    Mar 19, 2010 – Minoo Mumtaz (real name Malika Mumtaz) was younger sister of comedian Mehmood. She usually played role of mujra dancers and had made a special place for herself in hindi cinema. She married S. Ali Akbar on 6-12-1963 (Friday) who had directed Mehmood’s film “Chhote Nawab” earlier. She should be in her early or mid seventies now.

  8. Good to hear that Richard. Yes, I did contatct earlier today. Hope it bears fruit.

    >Pacifist, Bolly is a small world. I reckon he would have known Meena Kumari even without the family connection.

    Stupid me. :-D

  9. Hi Richard, and friends, I came back to this site to have a closer look at the interesting Seema song which has Anwar dancing with the children…thanks to you Richard…we could trace it; then I noticed the dialogue about the family and Minoo Mumtaz…Yes she is alive and kicking, well settled in Canada and visits India often…I hope to update Anwar’s site with more info and pictures on a relatively regular basis so you’ll can keep in touch…it’s very reassuring and rewarding to know that in a fast moving contemporary atmosphere such as ours, there are people who acknowledge the pillars, the very foundation of good wholesome Indian Cinema…..everything does come round full circle! do visit Anwar’s site…contribute to the forums…post your comments…best regards

  10. Hello, Mona. Thank you for writing in and giving us that update on Minoo Mumtaz! And it’s great to hear that I helped you to trace Anwar’s appearance in that fine old movie, Seema.

    That site is interesting indeed, so I will be looking at it often, plus I expect other readers here will do the same. Thank you also for the kind invitations – I will be commenting more (here and there) soon.

    By the way, I agree with you a lot about how good it is for people to recognize the pillars/foundation of good Indian cinema, especially in this “fast-moving” (and often gone-astray :) ) world. On the other hand, though, were it not for that fast-moving contemporary medium known as the Internet, I might not know as much about these films as I do. (Though I also credit having easy access to the large selection of Golden Age films to be found in the DVD stores of Jackson Heights, Queens, NY, where I lived for a few years – and where I hope to return sometime soon… Unless I also find a way to move to Canada, which begins only about 125 miles away from where I am right now. :) )

  11. New York, an all time favourite!! A couple of pics of Anwar in the nostalgia section are taken on 5th Avenue…

    Well, Anwar looks forward to all your comments and, feedback on the book..enjoy reading…

    best regards

  12. PS:
    I didn’t enter the name ‘pacifist’, but anyone with the query about Minu Mumtaz would be me :)

  13. Hi Pacifist,

    req. not received…if form filled was incomplete it perhaps did not show up…also one could try going to the amitabh n i page n going into order copy….will open up to contact me form….do try again n let me know, and I will investigate my end..

    many thanks

    best regards

  14. Hi Mona,
    I’ve sent it again the way you wrote. From amitabh and I, to contact me.
    Thanks and regards

  15. Hi Pacifist and Tom, many thanks, both messages received!
    Anwar will be elaborating on his sister very soon….you will be able to read it in the ‘life through my lens- dialogue section.’
    look fwd to watching Tom’s dvd…
    best regards

  16. I mostly remember Anwar from the fab Bombay To Goa, he was the bus driver. Looked a lot like Mehmood as I recall :) Thanks for the links Richard, great find!!! And I’m so happy to hear the Minoo is doing well and a next-door neighbor!

  17. hi…my name is ziad akbar…i am from pakistan…minoo mumtaz was with us in kuwait twenty years before but unfortunately i dont know about her present…i tried much but i did nt find any contact information of her….i will be very thankful if some body gives me her contact detail…

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