5 comments on ““Toofan Mail,” different mixes and versions

  1. Thanks for this interesting collection. It is not a song that I know well, although any child/girl that was hyper or very energetic was called “Toofan Mail”, rather like calling someone a hurricane.

    At the time, it was the fastest (mail) train, though nowadays these trains are much more ordinary.

  2. You’re welcome, Bawa, and thanks for that interesting little bit of info…

    It is such a fun and catchy song, and I couldn’t help noticing how many of my other favorite train songs imitated this one. I also have become a fan of Kanan Devi. (Keep drifting further back, I guess. :) )

    It’s interesting – but not surprsing – to hear that these fast trains are much more ordinary nowadays. But I get the impression that while they’ve made them faster, they haven’t necessarily made them safer. In fact, I just spotted news about yet another train collision wreck in India, right before I saw your comment. :-(

  3. I seem to recall this song as one sung/hummed by the older members of the family when I was a girl.
    And I would hum it because of the way ‘Toofan mail’ is said. Going up at the end of toofan, and then falling down.
    As you can see it fascinated me then so much that I can still remember it. :-)
    Thanks for jolting my memory.

  4. Pacifist, you are welcome an I’m glad I was able to bring back nice old memories. :) And I agree, it is a lot of fun listening to the way the phrase “toofan mail” is sung – that’s probably one of the reasons that the song gets stuck in our heads.

  5. I’ve just finished listening to all the versions – and Kanan Devi is still my favourite. :-) Lovely, both in Hindi and in Bengali.

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