14 comments on “A Dance from Thooku Thooki (1954)

  1. I just found this song last week and found it so delightful too! I was told that the song title has something to do with monkeys, which is why there are some adorable “monkey” gestures in the dancing. I most love the classical movements here and there; great find. It’s too bad that the sound is off just a bit- makes me want to edit it on my video editor and upload on youtube. :)

  2. Hi, Minai. I am glad you found this song and liked it too. And thanks for the info about the monkeys – that makes some sense. :)

    I just looked at your lastest post, by the way, and a lot of it is very enjoyable, of course, and I appreciate the nice words and references! :) I also noticed that you promised to have a “twin dances” theme for an upcoming classical dance post. I assume that this will include some of my favorite pairs of sisters, even if they aren’t exactly twins? :) And I have a suggestion on my mind that you might not know about, because it’s from Pakistan. But, anyway, I’ll comment on your blog in the next day or two, since I am a bit exhausted right now. :)

  3. The song is a ringing endorsement of the theory of evolution.(“man is a creature that evolved from monkeys”)..implying that shammi kapoor (and elvis) were only merely being oldfashioned.

    the travancore sisters look very young here.

  4. Thanks for the extra info, Ramesh. (Though I’m not sure I get the line about Shammi Kapoor and Elvis…)

    And it’s true, the Travancore Sisters look young in this, but the three of them really looked very young in 1950, and Padmini and Lalitha looked even younger in 1948.

  5. oh that was only some flippancy from the the old day when people used to wonder if these

    were moves learn at the orang outang enclosure at the delhi zoo.

    and Richard, did you ever do a post on Vyjaintimala’s Vazzkai and if so were songs like the very popular “da da da” song in it?

  6. Ramesh, I thought you might have been commenting on an ape-like quality of some of Shammi’s moves, but I just wanted to be certain about that. :)

    Regarding Vazhkai, I posted “Enni Enni Paarka Manam” here:


    I had another clip from the movie up maybe a couple of years ago, but the video was removed for the usual reasons. (The post might still be up, but I must have called it something else – it probably had a few songs in it – and at least right now, I can’t find it. :) )

    I just did a little search for a “da da da” song, and I came up with “Priyamaina Rani-da Da Da,” which is from the Telugu remake Jeevitham, and is based on “Un Kan Unnai Ematrina.” (Info found here: http://www.tfmpage.com/forum/archives/8833.16.43.58.html )

    It’s been pretty impossible to find any version of this movie (or clips from any version) except for the Hindi one, Bahar, which is very easy to find. (I did a post on that sometime back too.)

  7. tell me if youre doing a run up to toronto(presuming youre close) i can tell you exactly where to pick up a vcd.

  8. Thanks, that would be great!

    Toronto is about four hours by bus from where I am residing right now (Ithaca, NY), and I have been planning to go… Maybe not in next the couple of weeks, but soon! I haven’t been there for quite a while, actually, but I’ve been in touch with someone in Toronto, and I thought it would be a good place to shop for Tamil movies these days. :) So, yes, I’d welcome a suggestion of a place where I could pick up that Vazhkai VCD, maybe other rare old VCDs, or even some good DVDs with English subtitles :) …

  9. Richard,

    Next time you plan a trip to Toronto, drop me a line(my email id is on my blog) I’ll send you straight to a few motherloads of south Indian DVDs (subtitled or not).

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