7 comments on “Lata’s “Dil Mera Toda” (1948)

  1. I’d never heard this one before. But yes, a very sweet song, and her voice is so youthful and with just a hint of rawness to it… lovely.

  2. Thanks for the song richard! a rare song indeed!

    thanks for the song vidur! never thought there would be a duet with lata and Shanta Apte. A great song! Which movie is it?
    Realise more than ever what sweet voice Shanta Apte had!

  3. The song is from Subhadra (1946), Harvey. Happy that u like it. Iam also a die-hard fan of Shanta Apte Ji and have uploaded a lot of her songs. I wish we get this video because Lata is a singer-actress here. Music by Vasant Desai.

    In my channel http://www.youtube.com/user/vidursury

    the Playlists Savithri (1941), Wahan (1937), Zamindar (1942), Amar Jyoti (1936), Duniya Na Mane (1937), Apna Ghar (1942), Rajput Ramani (1936) and Amrit Manthan (1934) have quite a lot of Shanta Apte songs, please check them out.

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