12 comments on “Three ’40s Bollywood Actresses Showing Up Later in Lollywood: Swaran Lata, Meena Shorey, Rehana

  1. Meena Shorey is the vamp! :) The heroine of Mousiqar is Sabiha Khanum, and since she’s the heroine, she’s the one who gets playback from Noor Jehan. Meena gets playback singing from Mala, who’s pretty good, even if she isn’t Noor Jehan. Coincidentally, that’s who sings for the Pakistani Rehana dance too. Swaran Lata gets Zubaida Khanum in that clip. She got playback singing from a few very interesting singers in Pakistan (I can say that even from the little that I’ve seen :) ), but I haven’t found any with her and Noor Jehan either.

    I kind of felt that people were already getting enough of a chance to see and learn about Noor Jehan’s film appearances both before and after Partition if they’d been reading this blog, unless they just discovered it (in which case, um, scroll down a few posts) . :)

    Re. Khursheed, hmm… I know that she moved to Pakistan, but I haven’t really had a chance to see any of her film clips from Pakistani movies. I haven’t exactly searched for them a whole lot, but any brief search just brings me right back to the old films with Saigal (which is fine, because that’s really nice stuff). And the bio that’s going around also says that she ended up doing very little in Pakistani cinema…

  2. Nice post Richard. Just a minor correction. Swaranlata gets her playback from Munawwar Sultana, not Zubeda Khanum. Actually, “Badal nu hath lawan tey udey udey jawan” is one of Munawwar’s most popular songs.

    I like the other song from Dil ne Tujhe Maan Liya picturized on Rehana better. It is half in Arabic and half in Urdu and based on some Arabic tune and it was more popular than the song above in its time. It was sung by Naheed Niazi. Here is the link :-

    Khursheed did appear in 2 Pakistani movies, but as far as I know the films prints are not available easily (Do they even exist anymore? ). Even the songs from Khursheed’s 2 Pakistani movies are not available.

    Continuing with your thread… here is another Heroine Raagini.. First in Bollywood film Shahjehan (the one playing Mumtaz Mahal part at the beginning of the clip) :-

    and then playing vamp part in Lollywood :-

  3. Meena Shorey’s most famous song picturized on her in Lollywood was Teri ulfat mein sanam sung by Zubeda Khanum:-

    Similarly, for Rehana it was Kiya hua dil pe sitam sung by Zubeda Khanum (In one of her TV interviews Zubeda consider this song as one of her favorites and she even hummed it a little). Here is the link (The link quality is poor and it is destroyed by jhankar and extra beats but it is better than nothing)

    and for Swaranlata I really like this Lollywood song picturized on her again sung by Zubeda (Here Swaranlata plays the part of Tatar Princess)

  4. Mr. Jinx, thank you for all this good information. You have corrected my singing credits again! (Though of course this confusion will be a little more obscure in most people’s eyes than the Asha/Geeta/Lata kind of confusion. :) )

    Regarding the other song from “Dil ne Tujhe Maan Liya,” I did post that about ten months ago, when I first enthused about Rehana (and showed a couple of her Pakistani clips back then as well):


    (BTW, it is nice that out of all the clips there, the only one to have disappeared is the one from Sunehre Din. I can’t seem to find a new video of that by the proper title at the moment, but I think I’ll be able to dig it up soon.)

    Anyway, I posted the present song because I hadn’t seen it before a couple of days ago and hadn’t posted it before, but also because I like Mala’s voice in this and maybe find the tune to be more fun and catchy (even if the other one is more interesting).

    Thanks for the clips about the other Ragini – or is the Ragini I usually post here the other Ragini? :) By a funny coincidence, I addressed someone else’s confusion of Raginis just yesterday: http://youtube.com/watch?v=wlM1afiMbXM

  5. Mr. Jinx, re your second message above, thanks for showing us a few very nice songs that really were sung by Zubaida (or Zubeda) Khanum! BTW, re the Rehana-picturized one, I think I know what you mean by it being destroyed by “Jhankur and extra beats” – I think I recognized that destruction from a few oddly remixed Noor Jehan classics. :)

    Thanks also for giving me a better idea about which Rehana and Meena Shorey songs were the most popular. There’s just about no way to know that simply by finding what’s online or reading the info that’s available.

    By the way, I guess WordPress is now choosing to post the full clip for the last link in any set provided? I could change it for consistency, though I guess it’s all right leaving it. But just to let everyone know…I had no choice regarding which clip to post here. :)

  6. Vidur, I got the first hint that the year had to be wrong because I had already confirmed, from a few sources (starting with an Upperstall article) that Rehana’s last film was the one I posted from above, Dil Ne Tujhe Maan Liya, which came out in 1963. Then I did some more searching for Dulhan, and few sites mentioned that it came out in 1963 – starting with IMDb. (But I never trust IMDb by itself either because it is sometimes wrong, so I confirmed with a few others. Take a look yourself – use your search engines. :) )

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