8 comments on “Helen in Alibaba and the 40 Thieves (1954)

  1. Yes, it’s true, she is adorable here. We’ve seen a few actress-dancers doing scenes in movies at around that age, but Helen might have outdone them all in adorableness. :)

  2. Great early Helen. :) I’ve always liked this video because it shows Helen’s talent and charisma even at such an early age. There’s a part two of this song a few minutes later in the movie.

  3. Very nice song. One very peculiar thing about this song is that Shamshad Begum is singing for Helen! When we think of Helen we usually think of either Asha Bhosle or Geeta Dutt

  4. Maybe Helen got Shamshad Begum in some early songs because Shamshad was the singer for Helen’s mentor? It’s hard to think of Cuckoo without the voice of Shamshad Begum! (Though I have found a few Cuckoo songs with other voices…)

  5. I didn’t know she was dancing in films so early in her life. She is big practitioner of yoga. I guess all dancers were in those days.

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