5 comments on “Musical Chairs Resumes at YouTube

  1. Thank you, Harvey, that’s the one. I remembered Johnny Walker, and I was going through all the songs in Tom’s Johnny Walker compilation looking for which one it might be, but it’s not on that. I didn’t remember that I also actually had posted this song in a theme post “Learning to Count In Hndi” not too long ago, but that clip was removed. I have found another copy, though, so I’m going to revise the post now. :)

  2. I just discovered this too yesterday! (regarding TommyDan’s channel being up.) It was so exciting to find that an off-chance click on his defunct Sai-Subbulakshmi post suddenly worked. The strange thing is that his upload list has most of the preview pics missing, and if you embed them they don’t show a preview image either (as seen in my recent post), but who cares because the actual videos are back in existence!

    Now I’m wondering how it happened and if there’s anyway I can get my old channel back… :)

  3. Glad to be of help!

    I was really not sure if this was the song you were searching for! Therefore, I was hesitating to write about it, thinking most probably you have it already! But there are surely some more songs with musical chairs in hindi movies, but the only thing is I can’t remember their names and am not even sure if I ever knew them. I have surely seen hindi and kannada songs with musical chairs.

  4. Harvey, if you could think of any other Musical Chairs scenes in Hindi movies or any other Indian movies, please do send them along. :)

    Minai, I have noticed this strange lack of preview pics on Tom’s old videos also. I did notice that at some point they started to drop the pics on all of a YouTube user’s videos when that person got suspended (I don’t recall this always being the case), and it could be that they never figured out how to put the pics back on. :) Anyway, I have those blank videos in my YouTube favorites – quite a few of them from Tom’s channel that I just added – and people will probably think that the videos aren’t working. (Maybe there’s a way to put a note in the right place to tell them?)

    Regarding how Tom got his channel back, well, I know it took a lot of writing to YouTube. And from what I know, it is a long story, so probably, he should fill you in on the details sometime. :) But I got the impression that if there is any way you could challenge the grounds for suspension (e.g., find out if there might be a flaw in someone’s copyright claim), that cold be very helpful. Or maybe you could just point out the time lapsed and see if your great (alleged) violation of ridiculous copyright laws could be forgiven now that you’ve served some time in exile. :)

    If you do try to get your channel back, I am very curious about how that will work out – partly because, as the saying goes, it could happen to any one of us someday. :)

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