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  1. At the moment we have the right-wing party 13 points ahead of the governing Socialists here. This despite huge corruption cases both proven and currently under trial of right-wing leaders in regions where they govern and others (There are some, but totally small-scale and occasional ones in the other parties). The current economic crisis has been universally acknowledged here to come from economic policies pursued by previous right-wing governements: total dependence on property developements to boost the economy, etc.) out of which they have recieved massive spin.-offs.

    The socialist governemt, although I don’t agree with everything they do by a long shot, in 6 years have made sure that the basic pension is the same as minimum wages (many people had a pension of 3 times less), increased things like basic salary of armed forces to decent levels, and also put in massive amouts of money into student grants and R&D, social rights to many, massive investments in public transport and infrastructures, etc. when there was money to do it.

    Yet people still want to vote for the theives and mafiosos who have been caught lining their pockets on basis of the economic crisis and whose only manifesto so far is “Government is not solving the economic crisis, and we will create jobs- but not how, or when and with what.

    Fisnih off my rant by saying I just cannot understand voters sometimes! And this song is jsut so right!

  2. Bawa, it is interesting to see that you are having similar frustrations with the voters in Spain. :) (And not that I ever was exactly a fan of Obama and the Democrats either…) Although outside of the electoral arena I give Spain credit for having appropriate responses to the austerity measures, with the general strikes and street protests, etc. In that sense, Spain and Greece and France all make me envious. :)

    Sita-ji, glad you liked this one too. And what a great page you’ve linked to at Nargis’ beauty salon! (I wonder if Nargis lives anywhere near that Benjamin Sister or that contemporary of the “orliginal” Nargis, Minoo Mumtaz.) I am probably going to be a little further away from Canada again, as I have plans to go back to NYC soon. But I have also kept an eye on housing and job listings in Buffalo. :)

  3. I have a cd of Roti beggin to be watched. BTW, I did watch Mayur Pankh and liked it. A curious film, not too great, but likeable.

  4. Ava, you shouldn’t deprive that VCD much longer! (You do mean the VCD, right? Sometimes I actually write “CD” when I mean “DVD.” And I used to confuse VCDs in my mind with VHS tapes (maybe because we never really had much of a VCD transition period here in the U.S.)… I could never keep all these acronyms straight. :) ) Anyway, this film is good in any form!

    And I’m glad you had a chance to watch Mayur Pankh too. From the clips that I’ve seen, I gathered that it would at least be curious. :)

  5. Just saw Memsaab’s Roti post, so nice of her to share the film! But sadly 6 solos by Begum Akhtar were cut off :( but are available in http://www.hindi-films-songs.com if you make a search for “Akhtar”. This song is by Ashraf Khan, who is also the actor here. Also checked out your other Roti posts, you’ve done a great job with both the posts and header.

    P.S. It would be nice if you could add the Begum Akhtar solo from Roti, if you don’t mind searching in YouTube then go for “Roti Akhtar”

  6. Well, street protests here have been quite subdued, France is the place for that. The weird thing is, the austerity measures were brought here from international pressures and markets unleashing on the “weak” Spanish economy. As my other half happens to be ana academic in the field, he was so indignant, because the data for the Spanish economy simply did not match what the markets and the debt-rating agencies were saying about it…even the World Bank official report on Spain had to be corrected when the leading Spanish newspaper pointed out that they were confusing debt with deifcit?? and the data that they presented were false: the World Bank made a mistake?? At the time the Spanish debt = 53% of GDP, UK 72%, Italy 123%….

    Why were the markets and agencies so harsh on Spain with blatant lies about data when there are countries much worse? Just take the fact that the Socialist President had been one of the most outspoken afetr the financial crisis on the need to “regulate and set limits” on financial markets, and that the euro was becoming a bit too influential. Just makes you think how little we know of what really goes on. And the fact that it is Socialist….

    We better get back to music, this comment is getting too political.

  7. Bawa, your comments inspired me today to go back to my attempts at reading Michael Hudson. :) Any writings about the present economic picture make for difficult reading in my mind, but as far as I can see, it all just adds up to a new turn in the same old class war. I imagine that Spain became a major target not because of any realistic assessment of it’s being worse than other countries, but because it was somehow more easy or convenient for the oligarchs to go after Spain first. (Or are you saying that it was in part because Spain’s Socialist? But as I understand it, the official elected Socialists have become complicit too (even some of them may have been bullied/threatened into that position).) Of course, there is always someone worse waiting on the right…)

    The people of Spain have fought back a little, from what I can see. Even if its street protests are looking subdued compared to France’s (or Greece’s, then, I imagine), its labor actions have been pretty impressive… I saw something about half the labor force participating in general strikes. It’s ridiculous even to imagine something like that happening in the U.S. (But the U.S. never had a history of revolutionary syndicalism, either, unless you count a little IWW action over a century ago. On the other hand, I guess we never had real fascism, though it might not be far away now…)

  8. Vidur, thank you for the nice words about the Roti posts. But I am sorry to see that six(!) Begum Akhtar solos had been cut out. (I wondered why there wasn’t more singing by her in the film…)

    I will try to get to those songs a little later. I have a few things to get to, as you know. :)

  9. Nice Video, Richard. Concerning the upcoming U.S. elections, I will leave you with 2 quotes:

    “Don’t ever underestimate the power of we the people.”

    -Christine O’Donnell
    Tea Party primary winner and Republican candidate for senator of Delaware.

    “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.”

    – H. L. Mencken

  10. Thanks, Mister Naidu. Nice quotes – how right they are…

    Trying to think of a current election that isn’t depressing to me… All right, maybe down south – way down south…like Brazil. :)

  11. Brazil is good to think about. I have been getting depressed listening to Radio here- which is still the main force for serious news and debate- connecting to different players in the US elections. All the republican they talked to blamed everything on the Democrats, and most of the democrats, instead of attacking the policies that lead to the current economic disaster, seemed to be half-heartedly asking for more time…

    The socialist govt is pretty much what it says here, and in the 6 years in power so far, have produced far-reaching reforms, and although we have personally felt the effects of the belt-tightening on our own income, I would still go for people who are honest and hard-working, as are most minsters in this govt,, rather than people who put on “a good show” for the media, regardless whether they do anything worthwhile or not. But people seem to go more for the images. There are many more to go, and at least I like the way something gets done, even if it is slower than expected.

    And maybe the US citizens will surprise everyone yet….

  12. I have seen some left-wing reports complaining about Spanish Socialist government’s complicity in the invasion of neoliberalism (similar to reports I’ve seen about left-wing governments’ complicity in certain places in India), but I am sure it is nothing compared to the complicity of the American Democrats. :) If the Democrats were really willing to talk about the root problems of the economic disaster (and therefore the need to radically change at least some things), they would be much more convincing in refuting the Republicans and, especially, the new right-wing maniacs. Understanding that the American electorate is not exactly enlightened, I would still go along with a few commentaries I’ve seen which say that the Democrats’ biggest problem is not their supposed refusal to go “to the center” (and how far right does one have to go to be considered “center” in the U.S. these days?), but their unwillingness put across a clear alternative vision. Much of the reason for this is that the Democrats have depended for so long on corporate funding themselves and really depend on most of their support from a segment of the same economic and (especially) financial elite who support Republicans. (Of course, I feel there are deeper systemic tendencies at the root of all this having to do with capitalism itself, but no need to get into that here and now. :) )

    All that having been said, I also wonder how much substance one can get across in general when, as you say, image is so utterly important. Obama triumphed briefly due to his mastery of image and rhetoric, but some people, myself included, who looked for the substance of policy or real political goals behind the impressive (to many) talk could not see promise of real changes – especially not of the magnitude needed at this time of severe crisis. (Ideally, at this point, I could go into lots of details, but I will decide right now not to, for the sake of space and time. :) )

    So, it’s no great surprise that the Democrats’ defense is half-hearted, considering that a stronger defense would simply implicate themselves. But I find it difficult to comprehend the line of thinking of the resurgent right wing here. I can’t stomach things like right-wing radio (even if I’m supposed to beneit from listening to my enemies), but I look at all the right-wingers commenting on mainstream sites like Yahoo News, and the talk and lines of “thinking” make no sense to me at all, full of completely irrational connections, shocking bigotry, and blatant ignorance. (Although the anger and dissatisfaction make perfect sense to me; it’s just everything else that seems completely off…)

    It could be that American citizens will surprise us at some point (maybe there are many who haven’t spoken and acted, and many more who could “plug in” if they knew how, and yet others who would benefit greatly if they could get their information from a wider variety of sources), but I think that the real “surprise” has to come first from movements outside of the electoral arena; that’s just about always the way it happened. That’s why I look for some evidence in the way of street protest, labor actions, civil disobedience, etc., and why I am troubled by the complete lack of such evidence here in the U.S. these days (especially from those who are most hurt by the system – unless you count the numbers who’ve flocked to the right).

    Anyway, whew, I’ve certainly gone far afield commenting on politics myself… And I started this blog a few years ago in part to get away from political blogging. :)

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