11 comments on “Rare Uday Shankar Dance Footage Playing on Ravi’s TV Set

  1. “he was just not sexy but beautiful?”
    interesting clip!
    Isn’t there a hindi movie, where a clip of a dance with Uday Shankar and Anna Pavlova is shown?

  2. This is such a great find! My goodness, it makes me wonder what other old clips Ravi Shankar and people like him have lying around in their collections. Perhaps someone (Ravi himself?) has Kalpana stored away in some dusty box somewhere. I’m impressed with how graceful and flexible Uday’s hands are. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Kalpana is released sometime during our lifetimes. :) And that’s Anoushka Shankar I spy on the couch, right?

  3. And it looks like that copy is in very good condition too. I second your wish of seeing a completed Kalpana, someday.

  4. Bawa and Minai, let’s all keep a lookout for that restored Kalpana, and if anyone sees any indication that it’s out, spread the word!

    Minai, yes, I spied Anoushka Shankar too. Then I looked at the information under the YouTube clip, and it said that the video showed both Anoushka Shankar and Norah Jones. I wouldn’t normally recognize Norah Jones, but I Googled for some images, especially of the two together, and confirmed (with some certainty) that the other woman on the couch is Norah Jones.

  5. Nice! You are right about the lazing couch slobs…It was annoying seeing that but Uday Shankar’s dancing was beautiful!

  6. Wow! Thank you Richard for mentioning my name for such a little or no cause. You are doing a serious research, I’m just an enthusiast.
    We should all thank Sobers Chatterjee though, for digging up this video clip and for providing such profound informations.
    By the way have you watched the videos of Anna Pavlova? Specially the Dying Swan? It’s magical.

  7. Anirban, I am flattered to hear that I am doing serious research. :) Actually, I was just inspired by my own enthusiasm to do a few searches here and there.

    Thanks for the tip regarding Anna Pavlova. I took a quick look at a video of the “Dying Swan,” and I’m going to have to spend more time with it later on. I really should check out more classical western ballet. I don’t have quite the enthusiasm for it that I have for Indian dance, but when it is good, it is very good!

    I had a lot of exposure to western ballet when I was a child. My older sister was seriously studying it when she was a teenager, and my mother was also a big enthusiast. As I recall, Plisetskaya was the most revered ballerina when I was a child.

    Anyway, thanks for the tip – sometime soon, I’d like to spend a day or so with this stuff.

  8. Anirban, I don’t know if you’re going to have a chance to read this comment that I am now writing ten days later, but I wanted to mention that I found an excellent article in Narthaki, Pavlova and Her Indian Links. So your mention of her is more pertinent than I realized, because Pavlova had a lot more to do with Indian dance than I knew. I will have to look at her dances more!

  9. Oh, and he she had more to do with Uday Shankar directly than I remembered. (Now do you still think I am the serious researcher? :) ) There’s a mention of their connection in a nice article here.

  10. Yes, I still think you are a serious researcher ,,,, :-) ha ha!
    This thread is the proof of that, many people will get encouragement from this blog and many others will share their thoughts.
    Thanks for the links (I knew about the second one) ……. nice to read about those great artists and the ventures that once flourished in the sky of experimental Indian dance.
    We hope that it is still alive, I mean new ideas……..

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