9 comments on “Three Songs By Manik Varma

  1. The marathi songs looks as i!f it is from the film: Chimukala Pahuna (the tiny guest, also starring the then super star of the marathi cinema Ramesh Deo) co-produced and directed by Shubha Khote herself.
    Manik Verma used to appear quite often on Bombay DD singing marathi songs, but i didn’t know that she started singing in the 40s itself!

  2. Manik Verma was a great classically- trained singer. I have heard and seen the first two films’ songs, which were great. In Hum Ek Hain, the first movie of Dev Anand and Rehman, Manik Verma sings for Cuckoo and co. Thanks for the third song.

  3. You are welcome. And yes, that is Cuckoo and co. Unfortunately, I guess no one among us can identify the dancer in that other Dev Anand film. :(

  4. The name of the Matrathi Film is “Umaj Padel Tar’ & not Chimukala Pahuna. The tabla accompanist is the Great Master Ustad Ahamad Jan Thirkawa. Harmonium accompanist is probably Tulasidasji Borkar another great player.

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