6 comments on “At Minai’s, Baby Kamala Clips from 1943!

  1. What fantastic dancing, totally classical! And Ia m ashamed to say I had never heard of Baby Kamala before this.
    Thanks for compiling the playlist, I shall enjoy going through it.
    In the 1st one from Ram Rajy, who is the companion to Baby Kamala? Really good dancer as well.

  2. Thanks for the link and mention Richard! I loved your explanation and completely agree that her most important dances are her earliest in terms of her contribution to classical dance. As to your question about the owner of the YouTube account, let’s just say that I have many, many accounts on different sites to try to avoid all videos disappearing in one go should I have any problems like I did a few years back. :)

  3. Bawa, hope you enjoyed the playlist! I think I learned of Kamala Lakshman first while reading up on the history of bharatanatyam in Indian cinema. (I might have seen her in, say, Chori Chori before that, but without identifying the dancer. Unfortunately, I bet that’s the case for a lot of people.) I would guess that’s she’s known more to Tamil film fans and to big fans of bharatanatyam than to people who are more focused on Hindi cinema. She never did cross over to Bollywood stardom, though her dancing in Bollywood films is as good as anyone’s – or even better…

    Minai, it is good to see that you are as crazy about the old Kamala dances these days as I am. :) And you should open up as many sites as you need to – as long as we can continue to find them!

  4. I agree about Baby Kamala being a great dancer. Nice playlist, but are you sure it is Kamala in Meera? I thought I read somewhere that it was Radha, M S’s step-daughter?

  5. Hello, Vidur. Glad you agree about Kamala’s dancing! Kamala played Krishna in Meera; Baby Radha played Meera in the childhood scenes and flashbacks.

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