9 comments on “Another situation where I’m taking a long time to watch a movie because I keep watching the same song over and over again…

  1. what a nice song! never heard it before. for obvious reasons they didn’t air it on chaaya geet. reminds me somehow of mere khwaabon me tum aaye.

  2. Deewana (1952), starring Suraiya, Suresh, Sumitra Devi. Suraiya on screen, great song. I have this film, but I think its songs are much better than the story. How are you? :)

  3. Harvey, glad you like it. I guess it is visually a bit like the very beginning of “Mere Khwaabon Me Tum Aaye,” but the song itself is different and I like this one much more.

    Bawa, I’m sure that happens to most of us… That’s one way a Bollywood film can offer its own special rewards even if it lacks in some of the other, stadard ingredients such as plot and character. :)

    Vidur, yes, the movie was charming at first but a bit disappointing by the end. As I’ve said before, I can enjoy melodrama…but some melodramas just get a bit silly. But most of the soundtrack is splendid – Naushad and Suraiya, hard to go wrong with that combination!

    I have watched a few Suraiya films within the past couple of weeks, all beginning with the letter “D.” Dastan and Dillagi were much better; Dillagi is by far the best, I think. I’ll be watching a fourth one soon (this time beginning with an “M”) and I’ve been thinking of doing a few quick reviews in one “Suraiya festival” post soon. :) Maybe…

  4. Yes, I thought Suraiya looked refreshingly different in this film. Very different hairstyle. It kind of gave her a lighter (as in lighter mood) appearance (though the film itself becomes as melodramatic as any others she was in…).

  5. Lovely song! Lovely Suraiya!
    She indeed looks different. Maybe because of that wrap around :-)
    I think I’ve heard it before as it rings a bell.

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