6 comments on ““You men will wear our veils after we take power…”

  1. I also love how they sing bits of other famous songs in the middle (esp KL Saigal’s hae hae ye zaalim zamanaa).

  2. Thanks, Bollyviewer. For some reason, I must have missed that post, or else it faded from my memory after these 24 1/2 months, and it took Tom’s video (with that hilarious scene accompanying the hilarious song) to make it stick. (BTW, if this was a Memasaab fave and Tom posted it just recently, I suspect it came up in some recent conversation between them… :) )

  3. Nah, it just took NetFlix forever to send it to me. Only after I got the DVD did I first see the qawaali and immediately realize what a gem it is. It’s also the first time I’ve ever seen Jeevan Kala do anything but dance. She’s the second female lead after stick-in-the-mud Chitra and is delightful. I also uploaded her other dance in the film. By the way, if you like those Indian crime/noirish films from the 50’s and 60’s, films such as Baazi, C.I.D, Howrah Bridge, and Singapore, here’s another one to add to the list. I thought it was excellent. Memsaab’s review of it is on-the-money.

  4. Thanks, Tom. It does sound like something I could like; I will have to look for it sometime.

    Also need to look for Jeevan Kala in other things. I don’t recall seeing her in much of anything, even as a dancer. (Maybe I saw her in the part of Taj Mahal that I watched(?) and I must have seen her in Mahabharat… But I never really noticed her until the song above.)

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