8 comments on “Half a Minute of Meena Kumari in Lal Haveli (1944)

  1. Yes, I agree on both points. :) Though I think it might have been eight years before Baiju Bawra but just seven before Madhosh, where she also looks very similar (and just five years before she debuted as an “adult”(?) in one of those old mythologicals).

  2. That was amazing Richard. She looks really cute in this. What is more amazing is that, though she lost her fingers(left hand) years later, she made a conscious effort to hide her left hand and in the bargain she used her right hand more. So what I assume from this clip is that she used her right hand more to express more by nature. Lol !!!! Thanks for sharing this clip Richard. Keep going.

  3. Meena sounds a bit different than what she was when she sang whole songs (she sang well, actually) An interesting fact is that Meena Kumari (actually, Mehzabeen) had done playback for her younger sister Baby Madhuri (and this sister herself sung too!) Madhuri was a popular child actress of the 40s. Meena’s elder sister Junior Khursheed (not to be confused with Khursheed AKA Irshad Begum – the great singing star) was a singer-actress of mainly the 30s and 40s. I saw her in a side role in Panna (1944) starring Geeta Nizami – a great dancer! – and Jairaj, also with great Shamshad Begum songs, courtesy – our dear YouTube user Vintagemelodies.

  4. At such moments I praise the internet! :)
    To see this rare clip!!!!!
    Thank you Richard.
    Would this mean the film Lal Haveli is available somewhere on dvd?

  5. Viju, thanks for the encouraging words and the information about her fingers. (More troubles for poor Meena, I guess.) By the way, do you have more information about how that happened?

    Vidur, you are providing a lot of information too… You have also pointed out, as I recall, that there was a Baby Khursheed who was Shyama, correct? And none should be confused with the great music director Khursheed Anwar. :)

    BTW, Vintagemelodies is a very dear YouTube user from my perspective too, providing much wonderful stuff. But I don’t know why this person disables embedding sometimes, as I would love to be able to post more of those vieos here.

    Pacifist, you are welcome… I don’t know if Lal Haveli is available on DVD, but I would sure love to get it on DVD!

  6. I meant the Khursheed in Tansen, actually :) (Khursheed Anwar can’t be confused with, he’s a male) Shyama was Baby Khursheed, correct. But this one is different…I have a couple of her songs and there’s a post on her in Cineplot.

    BTW…perhaps Vintage wants us to read the description, visit his channel…

    Pacifist, the VCD is available in India (Moser Baer…go to http://www.onlineindianmart.com)

  7. Meena Kumari lost the little finger of her left hand in a car accident in Poona (now Pune) around 1954. The person (a reliable source) who told me this also said that she was pregnant at the time but “lost” the baby during her 5-month stay in a local hospital where she was being treated for her injuries.

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