10 comments on “RIP Nalini Jaywant

  1. Do you have any recommendations of songs by her? I found one from 1943, but the sound quality was not so great. Since I’ve seen her performances mostly in films made in 1950 or later, I’ve mainly seen her singing in the voice of Asha, Lata, or Geeta.

  2. Thanks. Yes, these will take a little time to find. :) Of course, Khemchand Prakash was great, so I’m looking forward to these songs when I dig them up.

    Last week, I downloaded a soundtrack from this site, Roshan’s Neki Aur Badi (1949). It’s now one of my favorites. :)

  3. Same pinch about Neki Aur Badi! It seems that among 40s singers, Roshan’s favourite was Rajkumari, and he made her sing in numerous Geeta Bali films, also for Nargis’s double role in Anhonee (1952) It is great to a see a Madhubala-Geeta Bali film and that too with both stalwarts Amirbai and Rajkumari. I think some Nalini songs are from 1950 in the Khemchand Prakash collection.

  4. I haven’t seen Neki Aur Badi, but now that I know I like the soundtrack so much, that’s another reason to look for it (if it can be found).

    I have been a big fan for a couple of years of another Roshan soundtrack for another Geeta Baili movie, Bawre Nain. There are quite a few scenes from that available on YouTube, and they are beautiful to look at as well as listen to (Rajkumari and Geeta Dutt both sing for Geeta Bali, and both of them do very nice duets with Mukesh singing for Raj Kapoor).

    I skimmed over the Khemchand Prakash collection for Nalini Jaywant songs but didn’t see any, maybe because I assumed they would have to be from sometime earlier. (Ive seen one 1950 movie starring Nalini Jaywant; that was Sangram. That soundtrack was by C. Ramchandra, with singing by Lata).

    By the way, didn’t Khemchand Parakash help to accomplish wonders with Rajkumari’s voice? Thinking of the great soundtrack to Mahal

  5. Geeta Dutt doesn’t sing for Geeta Bali in Bawre Nain, instead for second heroine Vijaylaxmi (also whom Rajkumari sang for in Mahal)

    Yes, you’re right. Rajkumari, Amirbai and Khursheed did sing a lot for Khemchand Prakash.

    Just wanted to mention: Belated (sorry) Happy Christmas!

  6. Oh, that’s right, Geeta Dutt sings for Vijayalaxmi. I have listened to the song “Khayalon Men Kisi Ke” countless times but for some reason haven’t looked at the clip for that one in a long time if at all. (And there are a couple of copies on YouTube – very nice!) I have looked many times at the scenes with Geeta Bali, Raj Kapoor, those beautiful farm shots, and the horses. :) BTW, I enjoyed a download of this soundtrack before I ever saw any of it on YouTube, at Parties, Sarees and Melodies.

    But, getting far afield from the original subject of this post… Maybe I’ll do an early Roshan post soon. :)

    And thanks for the Christmas wishes. No need to apologize; you may have noticed that the only time I mentioned Christmas this year was while complaining about the snow. :)

    People assume they don’t have to worry about me for Christmas because by heritage, I’m supposed to be Jewish, but my family actually paid less attention to those holidays than to Christmas. I guess it’s a big cultural thing here in the U.S., but for the most part, it’s about shopping…

    And putting up lights… But I’ve noticed that on the streets in Jackson Heights where I buy my Bollywood DVDs, the merchants hang up those same exact (Christmas) lights for Diwali. :)

  7. Nalini Jaywant passed away peacefully at her residence of 60 years at Union Park Chembur, on the afternoon of Monday the 20th December, 2010 (not 24th december) and was cremated the same day at the Chembur Charai Crematorium. May her soul rest in peace.

  8. Arj1901, thank you for your correction. I got the date “December 24” from Dustedoff’s post, so I will pass that correction along (or else Dustedoff will see it here).

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