9 comments on “Dillagi (1949) and the Meddling, Teasing, Dangerous Village Girl Gang

  1. Loved this ‘girl gang’ narration :)
    It seemed to have been such an integral part of hindi films. It continued right into the sixties and a bit into 70s.

    That song about kite flying is gorgeous.
    Don’t know the ‘gang leadrer’ there, but the girl behind seems like Noor (Johny Walker’s wife).

  2. I love the Shamshad Begum-Uma Devi duet. This was a great film. The kite-flying etc. appear to be much ahead of their time. Why don’t you check the credits (at film starting) to know this intelligent girl’s name?

  3. Pacifist, glad you liked the “narration”! Were the same kind of girl gangs really prominent in the films up to the ’70s? Could they do the same things this gang did? :)

    And I’m wondering if the woman whom you suggest might be Johnnie Walker’s wife Noor isn’t a bit too old to be Noor at this time… We found out elsewhere that she was the little girl at the beginning of Anmol Ghadi, which came out just three years before this film. But without knowing an actual birth date, it’s hard to know how mature people, especially girls, will look in these old Hindi films at a certain time… These directors were good at making older girls look younger and especially good at making very young girls look like grown women.

    Of course, I agree with both you and Vidur that that song is gorgeous…

    But Vidur, the cast list at the beginning still doesn’t enable me to identify the actress because, as is often the case, they don’t say which actress played whom (and the same problem exists with the IMDb list, etc.). However, from a little investigation :) , I think I’ve narrowed it down to two, Chandabai (sometimes just called Chanda, according to IMDb) or Sharda (though that’s assuming that this actress is one of the ones listed). Do you know which one it could be? (Meanwhile, I’ll keep looking around a little, and maybe I’ll solve this :) …)

  4. Shamshad Begum has a teasing, fun voice (like Zohrabai in the 40s – who was in such a position then) so she sings a lot of fun songs.

  5. I imagine girls HAD to gang together: there is safety and strength in numbers! I love them too (and I love my own girl gang just as much) :)

  6. The girl gang leader is Sharda (not the singer) Deulkar! She’s great in ‘Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves’ also.

    The bad guy is Amar (later seen in Dilli Ka Thug as the Jackel and Hyde bad guy and even ‘Don’ as the guy who calls in the trap for Don).

  7. Isn’t it surprising that Amar, the villain here was the hero in the same year’s Parda (1949), which has some great songs and is Khayyam’s second film?

    Upendra Ji, is Sharda Deolkar related to the great singer Lalita Deolkar?

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