11 comments on “Happy 100th Birthday, Faiz Ahmed Faiz

  1. What lovely lyrics. And sung beautifully by Noorjehan – one of the best renditions I have heard of a ghazal (this is a ghazal, isn’t it? I wasn’t really paying attention to that). I like the way there’s no music, just her voice.

  2. Glad you liked it, Dustedoff. Of course, I can understand the lyrics only through the translations that I can find. (Maybe it will be different some day.) Right now, I’m looking at the translation in an old blog called Urdu in English. Yes there are some lovely lines here, for an interesting situation (not entirely alien to me :) )… (I think there are some typos in that translation, though…) But I’ve got to admit, this clip didn’t grab me at first because of the poetry, but because of the voice. Noor’s voice is so beautiful here, it’s actually better than in any of the versions that I’ve heard where she was accompanied by musical instruments. Meanwhile, the “slide show” in the clip is great… It seemed that out of all the clips I saw that I could use to observe the Faiz centennial, this, at least visually, was the best. (And no “flood” of videos this time… I think this one will do. :) )

    And, oh yes, this is a ghazal.

  3. It was such a pleasure to listen to such good urdu …and such perfect pronunciation where Q was Q and K, K.

    Even without any accompanying music Noorjehan sounded beautiful. Loved her rendition.
    I first took notice of the name when just a girl because of Faiz being included twice and was quite fascinated by such a name. :)

  4. This collection of Noor Jehan “unplugged” is one of the nicest treasures on youtube. Listen to all of them.
    Btw, I bought a book of 100 poems of Faiz translated the other day from Teksons for my sister, each poem in 4 versions, original Urdu, transcripted into both Hindi and Roman alphabet, translated into English.

  5. What a splendid poem this is! Thank you for sharing. I’ve had this Urdu book of his poems lying around for a while and have been meaning to get to it soon, but Ghalib and Iqbal always seem to be in my ‘now reading’ bin. This is a welcome reminder to try to change that. You’ve also inspired me to try to seek Noorjehan’s earlier works, and I’ll take up Bawa’s suggestion there as well. Thank you again, Richard!

  6. Bawa, thanks, I have been listening to a few of these Noor Jehan “unplugged” recordings. I’m not sure I’ve gotten to them all yet, but I will check to see if there are any delights that I’ve missed. I agree completely about it being one of the nicest treasures! As for the volume of 100 Faiz poems, yes, I have seen it listed, and that looks great!

    Bollywoodfan, glad to hear from you (I think it’s been a while). And you are very welcome; I am happy to share this.

    Now, speaking for myself, I need to get to more Ghalib and Iqbal. Faiz has topped my list among the Urdu poets whose works I’ve been reading or listening to, for reasons that should be obvious at this point. :)

  7. faiz ahmad faiz great poetical philosopher of humanity.pakistani still are not understanding the wisdom of faiz .

  8. Stumbled on to your blog looking for “Yeh Dhuhaan Kahaan Se Uthta Hai” by Naseem Bano Chopra..and what a pleasure my God!!

    What variety..You write about Faiz and have Noor Jehan in the same piece..Awesome work..By any chance did you get your hands on the above mentioned ghazal?

  9. Yeah..I found this one too, but I was referring to the full audio piece.I tried hard but no luck :(

    I have another stupid question, but is there a way I get notified when you put a new blog entry?? Sorry, not much of a blog reader but your creations keep me enthralled!

  10. Many thanks for the kind words!

    I have just added a “follow” form in the sidebar. So, if you enter your e-mail and click the “follow” button, you should get a notification with every new post. (I never used this myself because I’m so used to just regularly visiting my favorite blogs, which are listed on the sidebar, too. But maybe it is a good thing to have, during busy times, etc.)

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