5 comments on “Other fine blog posts focused south while I’ve been dwelling west and north

  1. Dear Richard,
    Thank you for those extra-kind words. I would like to think that I just add a lil tabsco and chilli to the already existing facts and then serve it up at OMC :) It makes it all the more worthwhile to have friends like you coming around :) Thanks again..Ebenezer

  2. So, after accidentally ending up in your blog a few days ago, I now intentionally come here wondering what other interesting takes you might have on Indian film music/videos, particularly from a couple of decades back. Sure enough, more fascinating stuff :)

    The post on mixperion led me to watching quite a few clips with a big smile on my face–was crazy to watch Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore “sing” to a Tamil song from almost two decades after their Hindi movie. Lots of creative people making lives better for all of us, one smile at a time, eh!

    Of course, there are times that Indian film songs screw up big time as well: like the one on “Never on Sunday” that I blogged about earlier this morning: http://goo.gl/fb/TPZsA

    I am sure I will keep coming back for more interesting stuff from you.

  3. Ebenezer, I am always happy to send very kind words over to your blog. :)

    And I am always happy to receive very kind words too – Sharmi and Sriram many thanks! :)

    Sriram, yes, that rendition of “Never on a Sunday” is pretty awful. But the beginning is better, i.e., when we see Helen dancing to Harry Belafonte’s “Coconut Woman.” As I mentioned in comments to your blog too, Helen and Harry Belafonte seem to go together fairly well. Sometime in the past on this blog, I posted a good example of that. But I’m always happy to have an excuse to re-post this song, “Dil Kisko Doon”:

  4. Hello Richard – I always hesitate to comment on posts I’m mentioned in, but a big thank you again for mentioning my efforts! I had to laugh when you mentioned you’re “not going to think too much” about how I find my goods. :) Let’s just say AnyTamil has been instrumental! I’ve had great googlefu success for the most part, and don’t you just love people like Randor Guy that put stuff out on the web to help us piece this all together? I think I’ve nearly exhausted my ability to find more Kamala videos, but there are a couple AnyTamil might come through on. :)

    I’m so happy that you often mention and link to cinematter’s Old Malayalam Cinema blog (and I was introduced to it through your blog too!) because it’s a fantastic blog on a little-publicized subject. You both keep up the great work! :)

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