4 comments on “Do you think this video for Jakatta’s remix of a Sheila Chandra song was influenced by Sandhya’s character in Do Ankhen Barah Haath?

  1. Hmm… A flamboyantly dressed person… (woman? Well, the character in the first video looks a bit transgendered, but anyway… ) waking alone across an Indian desert landscape, dragging a musical instrument on a rope behind her, singing about her loneliness (isn’t that what Sandhya/Lata is singing about too?)… But never mind what’s being sung about, actually, and never mind the atrocious qualities of the newer clip (e.g., that hallucinogenic dream interlude – yuck)… I think the setup that I just described is pretty unique (unless there are other scenes or tales that I don’t know about in which a strange character walks across a desert alone, dragging a musical instrument by a rope along the ground behind her)…so I figured the director of the Jakatta video must have seen the Shantaram film…

    Otherwise, it’s a shame the Jakatta video is in many ways so awful. The singer being remixed here – Sheila Chandra – is actually quite good, and I was a fan of hers of sorts for many years, since 1982, when she had her Indian-British band Monsoon, who made a hit out of this very song, which I think is based on a raga…

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