13 comments on “Found Again At Last: “Yaradi Ni Mohini”

  1. Yep, Helen dances to Tamil rockabilly with some boogie woogie thrown in for good measure. :) Uthama Puthiran is a really great movie. Having Padmini, Rangini and Helen together in one film is reason alone to see it. The dancing, music and set design are all first rate. I also love the dark and atmospheric scenes that give the film such a unique film noir look. A definite must see film!

    Rchard, I notice that you’ve add a screenshot of Helen from her dance in Yaradi Ni Mohini on your front page layout alongside Padmini and Noor Jehan. :) Nice!

  2. So I guessed it right, that it would be Helen! (Very boastful of me, I know!)
    Watching Sivaji Ganesan, now I know where Rajni gets his facial expressions from!

  3. Mister Naidu, I agree, Uthama Puthiran is a great film. Padmini, Ragini, Helen, Sivaji…all marvelous in this one. And yes, the design is very good too. Plus, I love some of the details… Like the design of the iron mask itself, which you see screen capped every time I make a comment. :)

    Harvey, since I’m stuck in the distant past, I probably haven’t seen as many Rajinikanth films as a lot of people, but even from the few that I’ve seen… yes, I believe you’re right.

  4. I can’t remember a single Rajini film that I have seen. all I know about him is thro’ Chitrahaar songs and you tube snippets. Someone must bribe me a lot to watch a Rajini film! :-)

  5. I can’t say I’ve had a big interest in Rajini or his films myself. :) The one I remember most clearly is Thalapathi (1991). I reviewed that one here years ago, and I’ve posted most of its songs. I like the songs, by Ilaiyaraja (one of which was sampled a few years ago in a pretty good M.I.A. song, “Bamboo Banga”). Another reason I focused on this film is because the heroine is Shobana. So… I can’t say that Rajinikanth had much to do with my desire to watch this movie or any other film he was in. :) Plus, while I gave Thalapathi a mixed review a few years ago, my feelings now are that, aside from the music and Shobana, it was just plain awful. :)

  6. Ilaiyaraja composed good music didn’t he? a dear friend of mine (23 years ago) used to listen a lot to his music, it being tamil I didn’t understand a word but loved the beat and since I didn’t have to watch the movie, I remember them fondly. love music of sadma. A pity that he didn’t compose much for hindi films. not that he needed it to show his genius but for the fact that than I would have had more contact to his music. well, I can still look him up in internet i think! :-)

  7. Harvey, yes, I thnk Ilaiyaraja composed very good music too. I would say he’s my favorite of the Tamil music directors from the ’80s onward, though I don’t know if that counts as much, since I don’t know many. :) I know not everyone would agree with this, but I like him more than A.R. Rahman.

    I like a lot of the music that he did for Sridev’si films, and I think some of his real classic, breakthrough music was for the late ’70s/early ’80s films that she did with Kamal Haasan.

    The music and picturizations to Thalapathi are really good. I didn’t know about that music until 2007, when I traced back the sample for one of the songs that M.I.A. used in “Bamboo Banga” from her second album, Kala. (And now, I’d so much rather hear Ilaiyaraja than anything M.I.A. has done lately. But anyway…)

    I say the film is awful because it’s got a lot of violence that is excessive to the point of idiocy, and it doesn’t do a whole lot for me in terms of plot and character. But maybe I shouldn’t call it “awful” considering that the music and dancing are major ingredients, and it does have Shobana…

  8. HI, Ramesh. I’ve turned off pingbacks (though for some reason, I sometimes still seem to get them when I refer from one post in my blog to another)… But I did see the referral in my stats. :) I meant to comment on your new blog soon. But, anyway, thank you – honored to be on the list!

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