7 comments on “Three Fine Performances of Faiz by A Beautiful Contemporary Pakistani Singer Named Tina Sani

  1. I like quite a few songs and ghazals sung by Tina Sani. In one of the tributes to Faiz, I remember Shabana Azmi paying tribute to him and also that she loves the following ghazal sung by Tina Sani

  2. Sorry the above link didn’t work, here it is “Bol ke lab azaad hain teray”

  3. One of my favorite ghazals by Tina Sani is “Koi baat karo”

    and this one “Aap ki yaad aati rahi”

  4. Thank you, Mister Jinx. These are really nice. I especially like “Aap Ki Yaad Aati Rahi,” and the performance you added here is just as good as the one that I posted above. :)

  5. Beautiful!!!
    I nearly missed this post.
    Love the first one very much ‘mere dil mere musafir’ and the last ‘aap ki yaad aati rahi’.
    Love the elegant movements of her hands.

  6. Thank you, Pacifist. Yes, the hand gestures are good; there’s something very precise about them. Wonder if she ever took up classical dancing too…

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