8 comments on “Coming up in one week, a Major Golden Age Bollywood-Related Birthday!

  1. Oh, all right… :) By the way, based on the visuals in this scene alone, I keep thinking of this as another “bird song”…

  2. I am a big fan of Shamshad Begum and Geeta Dutt. Richard are you planning on Shamshad Begum’s favorites list? It would be nice to see your choices… She sang almost 1400 Hindu/Urdu songs (NOT including her regional output especially in Punjabi films where she was very popular as a leading singer), and it is very sad most of her output is not commercially available. I will post my favorite songs of Shamshad Begum too, once you do.

  3. Thank you, Mister Jinx.

    Shamshad Begum and Geeta Dutt were really nice together… Maybe you know that I took my image header above from the picturization of a duet between them in Sunehre Din.

    I have been playing around with screen caps while looking at/for my Shamshad Begum favorites… That’s why I also put up a sidebar image “capped” from her song on Manorama in Khandan.

    OK, that’s three so far…

    I know, she sang so many good numbers… If I am limiting it to the “top ten songs,” it’s going to be very hard to narrow down. And probably, I could easily then pick another ten to substitute for them.

    But I’ll give it a shot. :) Also looking forward to seeing your faves too.

    (Maybe there will be some overlap. I’ll probably have at least three songs in common with Bollyviewer’s list.)

  4. How nice. I’m listening to this song after ages. This one and CID’s leke pehle pehle pyar are two very well liked and very familiar songs.
    I’m sure you’ll jog my memory with many more beautiful songs by Shamshad Begum in your list Richard.
    Her voice is so unique. Love her.

  5. Bawa, yes, I was hoping you’d be tuning into this, since I already knew that you love Shamshad Begum. :) Pacifist, glad to see you do too!

  6. What a great singer, one of the best and most important singers ever.

    Do compose a wishlist….I did get quite a lot of rare songs by her now, but especially looking out for the missing ones from Shirin Farhad (1945) and Poonji (1945) (I mean those which are not there in http://www.hindi-movies-songs.com)

    I will certainly upload something rare tomorrow (was upgrading my comp) and hope all of you will like it.

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