7 comments on “Snake Dance By Megha

  1. Arg! I really want to block this, but I’m blocked from such delights at work, which is reasonable…back to work! But I WILL return later to view this.

  2. Sita-ji, I am sorry to hear that you are encumbered by a mujra blocker in the workplace. I hope that you have had a chance to view this by now… I look forward to further comments, when you have a chance! :)

  3. Coordinated snaking at 1:13 is a nice touch and I like the snakes on their leotards, great knee spins at 5:20. Only improvement would be makeshift table holding keyboard being replaced by a refrigerator.

  4. Thank you, Sita-ji – good observations. Yes, it would be better if the table were replaced by a refrigerator!

    I’m also curious about the music here… Clearly, that’s Noor Jehan’s voice, but not from the era where I get most of my favorite Noor Jehan songs (her voice here makes contemporary Lata sound youthful by comparison). Yet, they use the same old Hemant Kumar riff from 1954 – except there’s also that electric guitar, which I’ve never heard in any version of this song before, which sounds kind of rocking…

    And I wonder who the guy is.

  5. I bet they were! Pritam wrote the song I linked in and he’s sort of known as a plagerist, so I think you found the original. That’s a very nice number in your link by the way

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