9 comments on “Guess Who’s Back In Power In Tamil Nadu!

  1. She’s hot in Jaagi badan me jwala. Didn’t she also do the ‘ Pani me jale mera gora badan’? I have been hunting for the video, but can’t find a thing.

    I wonder if she ever thinks about her movie days.

  2. A proponent of energetic dancing! Nice to see her chubby cheeks! Wonder what she does in her tenure this time!

  3. Sita-ji, nice to hear that the elections got you a bunch of hits for that informative post (as well as for our conversation afterwards :) )…

    Ava, that first hot number that you mentioned is from Izzat, the subject of the post Sita-ji mentioned in the comment that she sent a few minutes before yours. :)

    Re. what Jayalalitha will do in her tenure… I am curious what you would consider the “same as ever.” (But I don’t know if this would be the right place for a lengthy discussion on that…) Briefly, my understanding of her as a politician is, possibly a lesser of different evils? From what little I know, I like her sometimes, though I don’t think I would want to be working for her. LOL (Aren’t all these politicians a bit controlling and corrupt?) At least she’s left-ish, not a right wing nut like the people in the party that Hema and Vyjayanthi joined. (BTW, my intention is to be light and humorous here – that’s not to be interpreted as the full extent of my critique :) .) Anyway, she seems to be good re. Sri Lanka – critical of the LTTE (which some people didn’t like, I ghather?), but now also saying the Sri Lankan government should be brought up on war crime charges – who can argue with that?

    Regarding “Pani Me Jale…,” I found a video clip (if this is what you were looking for), but I think that’s actually Jayshree T.:

    Minai, glad you like the dances. Actually, maybe that Kavalkaran song is a bit too adorable? My favorite is still the first one, from Aathi Parasakthi… She did a pretty good bharatanatyam, don’t you think? And, yes, she had that stocky figure, though Padmini and Vyjayanthi weren’t exactly slender in the late ’60s either… But I always liked the fact that, unlike in some western countries, Indian dancers were never pressured to be anorexic by any means. :)

  4. As you say left-ish! and you are very much right in saying lesser of different evils, but I’m not sure if it is really so much lesser.
    I don’t think she has real convictions. Mostly the positions she takes are out of convenience rather than of conviction. But that is true of so many people and many of them politicians.
    But it is good thing that at least she is a part of the left coalition.

  5. Richard, I have seen this video earlier. Its Yogita Bali and Vinod Mehra. It seemed fake to me because the lip synching was all wrong. Somehow I still nourish the hope that it was sung by Jayalalita with Dharmendra hovering around.

    As for Jaya Amma – (Aren’t all these politicians a bit controlling and corrupt?) – this says it all. In so many changes of the govt. I notice little change in governance, and Politician speak is more attuned to voter needs than convictions.

    Maybe I sound too cynical, I would love to be proved wrong.

  6. Ava, sorry I took longer than usual to get back to you, but I did want to get back to you on this…

    Regarding the video, it could be that this one is fake. But I had read in one or two places that this song was picturized on Jayshree T. I puzzled a little, saying to myself, “Does that really look like Jayshree T?” But I went with it due to time constraints. :) If it is fake, maybe the real scene really does have Jayshree T., not Jayalalitha? Just guessing; I don’t know.

    Regarding what you say about changes of the government not resulting in great change in governance… Apply that to the U.S. as well as India. Once when I heard Arundhati Roy talk about the state of Indian “democracy,” I marveled at how well her words applied to the U.S.

    I’ve felt for a long time that political change has to come from people’s movements, mass movements, rank-and-file workers’ movements, etc., that apply the right amount of pressure “from below.” Especially in most contemporary “democracies,” politicians will not effect any change on behalf of the people unless the people effectively pressure them to do so…

    [And I wrote a bit more but then dropped it, deciding that it would be more appropriate in this context to end the comment here. :) ]

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