17 comments on “Here’s To The Two-Woman Mujra (classic style)

  1. I just loved the last song. I guess because of its classical bent. The dance movements too I found very elegant and pretty.
    I’m not so good at recognising the actors and actresses from that time, but would love to know who the two dancers were, especially the one on the right (most of the time), wearing a churidar.

    I was also glad to see Helen. :)

  2. I had to do a double-take on the second one. You have Madhumati channeling Minoo Mumtaz and dancing with a very young Laxmi Chhaya. I think. I thought it wonderful. Too bad that the T-Series DVD of that film, which I own, has no subs at all, not for songs, not for dialog. So I haven’t even bothered watching that movie yet.

    I also especially like the one from Dhund with Padma Khanna and Jayshree T. Lots of well synchronized dancing in that one. And very colorful.

    Thanks for the post. And for featuring three of my videos.

  3. Pacifist, I love that last number too; it is my favorite out of all of them.

    I hope that you were not trying to figure out which Bollywood stars were in this dance, because it isn’t Bollywood :) . It is a Pakistani film from 1963 (Baaji), and the dancers are Emmi Minwala and Panna (aka Zarin Suleman). They did a great performance here, although I think this song is better known for the singers, Noor Jehan (whom we briefly glimpse looking on) and Farida Khanum. This is truly classic stuff!

  4. Hi, Tom. You are welcome re. using your three videos, and thanks, as always, for the improved versions with subtitles.

    I decided it was time to put up a post of “two-woman mujras” after seeing your YouTube upload of that dance from Dhund on the same night as Beth from Beth Loves Boillywood drew my attention to the second dance above in her review of Yeh Dil Kisko Doon. Although Beth couldn’t identify Madhumati at first (a commenter helped with that one), she had identified the other dancer as Jayshree Gadkar. So, maybe you saw Jayshree Gadkar as Laxmi Chhaya(?)… (I don’t really know myself… But I will say that it was nice, for once, to see Madhumati in a dance without even being tempted to misidentify her as Helen. :) )

    I agree that the dance from Dhund is very nice. I’ve known of that one for at least a couple of years as a Jayshree T. dance . I recall there being some discussion on this blog earlier as some of us tried to figure out who the other dancer was. I am glad to know, finally, that it is Padma Khanna, the woman who danced so wonderfully in Pakeezah.

    I must admit that, though I’ve been posting a little more lately from movies that I actually saw, I haven’t actually seen any of the Bollywood movies represented above; I only know the dance clips. (I have seen all or most of Baaji, the Pakistani movie, but without subtitles…which means mainly for the music and dance, of course.)

  5. Thanks Richard. I confess *saying sheepishly* I WAS thinking of old hindi film stars .

    I hope i am correct in identifying the others;
    -the first one (suhaag raat) – Madhumati and Laxmi chhaya
    -Madhumati and Jayshree Gadkar (she was a marathi actress, I do recognise her). Quite a novel way of showing the typical marathi way of wearing the sari in a mujra. The film makers should be happy the shiv sena was less aggressive then.
    -Jayshree T and Padma Khanna
    -Helen and (?) I recognise her but her name escapes me
    -and the last one of course is the pakistani clip :)

    The variety in this post is very interesting Richard.

  6. Thank you, Pacifist. Interesting that you recognize Jayshree Gadkar. I have seen her in a few things (scenes if not whole movies), but couldn’t recognize her on sight, and I also know that a few cast listings out there have confused her with V. Shantaram’s second wife (who I have seen in quite a few films now).

    Meanwhile, the one whose name escapes you is the one whose name is most often on my mind. :) Well, among these dancers anyway. That’s Cuckoo.

  7. This is a double-pack mujra!
    Loved the Madhumati-Jayshree Gadkar combo as well. It looks like Jayshree is Agha’s wife. An amazing combination. Must be quite a tight corner to see the wife and mistress dancing together! But what do I know of such things! ;-)
    Helen and Cuckoo seems to have quite a number of dances together. The other one that comes to my mind is the one from Yahudi.

  8. Thanks for the clips, Harvey. I had thought about the Yahudi dance, but it seemed a bit far from a mujra to me. (Did Jews in Ancient Rome watch mujras? Hmm…)

    Those two favorites of yours “in the genre” are good…

    Oh, and I see Madhumati again, in the first one (right?)…

    Re. the second one, so nice to see one with Minoo Mumtaz. I thought there had to be one; I just couldn’t remember it, exactly. (She did quite a few nice mujras, of course. And I recalled she was in a couple of very good two-woman dances: Minoo Mumtaz and Kumkum in Naya Daur, Minoo Mumtaz and Cuckoo in Bara Dari… But neither is quite mujra enough. :) )

  9. With Minu Mumtaaz is Aruna Irani – film Jahan Ara. This is the first time I ‘ve seen her dancing in this genre.

  10. Harvey – You have snatched words out of my mouth. Or rather posted youtube before I could. Snatched my youtube post.

    I adore the song – Jab jab tumhe bhulaya – great poetry, great dancing, great singing, great music, GREAT Minoo, cute Aruna.

  11. Richard – these are lovely selections. I am kind of surprised by the inclusion of the song from Dhund, not the decade of your choice.

  12. Hi, Ava. The dance from Dhund appears because of Jayshree T. She’s been appearing on this blog now and then since 2007, before I became so obsessed with the ’40s and ’50s.

    That dance from Dhund had appeared here once before, in January of 2009. As I mentioned in a comment above, there was some discussion afterwards regarding who the other dancer could be. (The discussion, I see now, was just between me and Sitaji…)


    I was delighted when I finally found out from Tom’s post that the other dancer was Padma Khanna, because my favorite 1970s film is – guess what – Pakeezah! (Probably because it had taken decades to make and thus is so much NOT like a’70s film :) …)
    P.S. I guess you could say that some of those dances in Pakeezah were two-woman mujras too – in reality. :)

  13. Lovely post Richard, i love your selections and ‘main qayamat has always been one of my favourite, lovely bit of chemistry going on there between Madhumati and Laxmi Chhaya, the movie itself leaves a lot to be desired but that song plus the dance that followed made it worth it, here’s my write up

    and that number from Dhund is oh so colourful. But here is one of my favourites ones, its ‘Khuda huzoor ko’ from ‘Sawan Ki Ghata’ the first girl is Madhumati but I have no clue who the other one is

  14. Bollywood Deewana, thanks for linking me to your very informative writeup of Suhaag Raat (OK, since I’ve seen the dances, I guess I haven’t missed much :) ) and also the great mujra from Sawan Ki Ghata. Oh, that is nice – love the O.P. Nayyar music too. As for the second dancer there… Well I searched on YouTube to see if there was another post of the song that might have identified the other dancer, and I see that Tom said, “Jeevan Kala (?)”… So, hmm, maybe…

  15. Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s Jeevan Kala. But then I thought the one dancing with Madhumati in the Yeh Dil Kisko Doon one near the top might be Laxmi Chhaya (but I wasn’t real sure about it), so what do I know?

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