9 comments on “Uma Devi Birthday Tribute, Part 2 : Ten Videos

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the songs, especially the treat of watching the clips of Chandralekha.
    The song from natak ‘dilwale jal jal kar hi mar jaana’ is one I am very very familiar with and like a lot. Of course I knew only the song and not the film or the other details. So it made me exclaim – ‘oh *this* song’!! :)

    I vote for all birthday celebrations to last more days than just ‘the’ day. :-D

    Thanks for this enjoyable post (as you can see I was on the lookout and am the first to comment).

  2. Great job! These are her most popular songs (in addition to the other Chandralekha and Dard songs). Though it was Naushad Ji who famously introduced this true great, it is none other than Tabla maestro and mostly 1940s composer Ustad Allahrakha Qureshi Ji who introduced her with Wamiq Azra (1946) – Haye Do Dil Milte Reh Gaye – a duet with top 1940s vocalist G. M. Durrani Ji.

    The Tamil versions of the Chandralekha songs (since the Tamil film was the original and came first) were sung by T. R. Rajakumari Ji, herself an excellent singing star. Perhaps she did not sing her own songs because of pronunciation problems. But, I bear no grudge in saying that, if playback HAS (a big has – she is one of my favourite singers) to be given to her, our dear Uma Devi Ji is undoubtedly the most appropriate voice. Hers is that among playback singers which coincides most with that of this Rajakumari Ji. We can never forget even one of these true greats.

  3. Richard,

    Very nice post. Love her voice. My favorite Uma Devi songs are the ones composed by Naushad, and many already appeared in your list above. Songs from Dard, AnokhI Ada and that Natak song. And yes there were two Munawwar Sultana’s. One was a playback singer busy at Lahore and after partition sang the earliest hits for Pakistani films. The other Munnawar Sultana (the one in Dard) was an actress.





    and thanks again for reminding us all those lovely songs!

  4. What lovely songs. I must admit to never having heard some of them, except for the songs from Dard, Anokhi Ada (and Chandralekha, which you gave us a sneak preview of in your last post). Afsaana likh rahi hoon is probably my all-time favourite Uma Devi song, though – it’s wonderful. I’m going to forward the link to your post to my father; he’s going to love it. Thank you!

  5. Thanks for the wift of Uma!
    In the last few days I’m being introduced to many new songs. First Karthik introduced me to ud jaa bhanwar maya kamal ka and then yesterday Prakash brought up the song ‘Kanhaa bole na’.
    And you have borught up with your ten songs some known and some totally unknown, but all memorable!!!!
    I think I’ll lsiten quite often to Dard songs!

  6. Thanks to everyone for such nice comments!

    Pacifist, it was nice to see that you’d been waiting for this post and that it didn’t disappoint after all the build-up. :)

    Vidur, speaking of waiting for posts, I hope you will be able to post an audio clip of the song from Wamiq Azra (1946), as you had previously mentioned. (Yes, I already know about her debut song – and you were one of the sources of that knowledge. :) ) I do like G.M. Durrani and it would be interesting to hear that duet. I have very much enjoyed duets of G. M. Durrani with Noor Jehan and G.M. Durrani with Shamshad Begum.

    Meanwhile, I must learn more about T.R. Rajakumari, whom I have seen referred to as Tamil cinema’s “first dream girl.” :)

    Mr. Jinx, I am glad that you love her voice too, and though I like the songs from Chandralekha, I agree that her Naushad songs are the best. And thanks for the correct information about Munawar Sultana. Once again, I will revise a post a little thanks to your comments. :) This time, I think it is necessary… I had actually visited a Web site that lumped both the singer and the actress together as one person whom it called “singer and actress.” It wasn’t even IMDb, which is the site that most commonly commits this error… Next time, when I need to look up this sort of thing, I’ll make sure first to go to Cineplot.

    Dustedoff, I am glad that you’ll be forwarding this to your father, and I hope he does love it!

    Harvey, enjoy those frequent listens to the Dard songs. Yes, I listen to them quite often too!

  7. Came back from my long hiatus to see some amazing posts Richard: looking forward to going through them during the next few days :)

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