12 comments on “In Tribute to Geeta Dutt and Meena Kumari

  1. Beautiful – and Meena Kumari looks so especially sweet in that last song (it’s from Miss Mary, is it?) Geeta Dutt is one of my favourite singers, and I love Meena Kumari – so the combination is right up my street! Another song from Sahib Bibi aur Ghulam that I particularly like (even though you see Meena Kumari – or a body double, I don’t know – in a long shot) is Koi door se aawaaz de. Geeta Dutt’s voice is hauntingly lovely here:

  2. Love Piya aiso jeeya mein.. Meena Kumari looks breathtaking and Geeta Dutt’s voice is mesmerising!! Thanks for this line-up :)

  3. Dustedoff and Sharmi, you are welcome, and I am glad that you are also fond of the Geeta-Meena lineup. :)

    Dustedoff, yes that is a haunting song, and it was an interesting way to launch into the movie. Oh, and that sweet scene in the fourth video is indeed from Miss Mary. (Though I noticed that Geeta Dutt is not singing for Meena here… I wonder who the actress is whom Geeta is actually singing for in this scene. It’s not Jamuna, either, since she’s watching and laughing in the other room… Well, maybe somebody knows…)

  4. Like Do and sharmi I like Meena Kumari and Geeta Dutt too, so the combination is indeed unique.

    The first clip shows Meena dancing away quite uninhibitedly, I think this was before the accident when she lost the little finger of her left hand and had always to hide it. What film song (bhajan?? Would do for harvey’s list) is that?
    Somehow I don’t remember that song from Miss mary. Was it in the DVD or did I forget it being there? But how could I forget a Meena Geeta combination?

  5. She is such an emotionally expressive singer. Thanks for remembering her death anniversary.

  6. Pacifist, yes, that is a unique combination. And by the way, as I mentioned before (a while back), there’s a good article about that combination over at Geeta Dutt Fan’s Blog. (Actually, I wasn’t even thinking about that old post when I did this one…but now I am reminded of something that must have been in the back of my mind. :) )

    Now re. the first clip… I thought of Harvey’s bhajans list too. This was from Shri Ganesh Mahima, one of two mythologicals that are considered the first two films Meena Kumari starred in as an “adult.”

    Meena was 16 or 17 years old in these movies… Outside of Hindi films (where we also got to see an “adult” Madhubala at around the same time, in a film by Kamal Amrohi, of all people :) ), maybe that isn’t most people’s definition of an “adult”… Anyway, I posted clips from both those movies a while back also, for Meena Kumari’s death anniversary.

    And I did a little search on the pinky accident, finding that most people say it happened in 1952. So, yes, Shri Ganesh Mahima predated it by a couple of years.

    Re. the Miss Mary scene, well, I definitely have it on my T Series DVD. Could it have been omitted in another edition? I wouldn’t be totally surprised…considering that another company even omitted Meena’s best song sequence in Parineeta

    Now, Bawa, regarding your comment… You’re welcome, but actually, I didn’t completely remember Geeta Dutt’s death anniversary by myself. :) Getting back to that Geeta Dutt Fan’s blog… I was reminded of this anniversary by a posting from the related YouTube site:

    (Oh, and listen, I just realized, it’s the same song as the one that Dustedoff posted!)

    And it was just a strange coincidence that within the previous day, I had posted that Mixpherion mix “showing” P. Susheela doing the vocals in “Piya Aiso Jiya Mein.” So now, once I became aware that it was Geeta Dutt’s death anniversary (there are so many death anniversaries to remember, alas…), I realized that I absolutely had to post the real song – and then some…

    Thus a post was born. :)

  7. Truly ecstatic combination. Geeta Ji made one of the best voices for Meena Kumari Ji. Her voice did have some minor similarity with Meena Kumari Ji’s own singing voice as well (if you listened to the Zohrabai Ji duet with her in Duniya Ek Sarai – 1947 which I sent you, perhaps you’ll agree :) ). Geeta Ji is one of the best playbacks for Meena Kumari Ji. Thanks for the great compilation post.

  8. Thanks, Vidur. Yes, there is a little similarity, and that could be the biggest reason why it seems like a naturally good match.

  9. Lovely songs, all. One of my favorites from the Geeta-Meena K combination is “raat mohe meetha meetha sapna aaya re” from Tamasha. With her long, flowing hair, beautiful eyes, and freshness of youth, Meena looks as beautiful as Geeta sounds.

  10. Thank you, Shalini – you are right about both Meena and Geeta here! And also, there’s the great music of Khemchand Prakash – I think this must have been his last film.

  11. Thanks for giving link to the blog section of our website. Truly, Geeta ji and Meena ji were a great combo. I am sure you would have also seen a pic of Meena ji greeting Geeta ji when Love and God was restarted by the great K Asif sahab with a very young and shy Sanjeev Kumar ji in the frame.

  12. Parag, you are welcome; I am happy to link to that blog.

    And speaking of links, ah, I see that the photo you are talking about can be found in this very nice post:


    By the way, apologies to all for the missing videos, between this post and, especially, the older one that I link to in the comments here… It looks as though someone’s YouTube channel was wiped out. I’ve noticed there are a lot of missing videos in my archives now, so some important channels are gone. I will have to try to do some cleaning up and, hopefully, replacing soon.

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